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Yvonne Wakefield’s Self Portrait: Babe in the Woods

If you want to find yourself, try to escape into the wilderness. At least, that’s what artist Yvonne Wakefield did. Yvonne recently published The Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait is the second book from her three-part memoir series. The Self Portrait covers a significant part of Yvonne’s four-decade-long relationship with her log cabin. The sequel continues her narrative about learning to live in the wilds, building a bear-proof log studio, and evolving as an artist.


The Pitfalls and Triumphs of Finding Yourself in the Wilderness

Can you imagine the excitement of a teenager when she first grabbed the chainsaw and axe? In the highly praised first edition, Yvonne shared her journey of the early days of her life. She set out on her own as an 18-year-old orphan and built a log cabin in the Oregon Woods. The subsequent book in the series, Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait, covers her story as an artist exercising her artistic skills, learning to live with the uncertainties of the wild – encounters with bears – while independently erecting her second log structure.


Rooted in Place of Beauty, Serenity, and Calm

Babe in the Woods book coverYears go by, but some things remain unchanged and resolute. Forty years later, both the cabin walls and their creator show signs of weathering, but they’re still rooted in a solemn place. Yvonne says, “Whether it is one book or the entire series, it is for anyone who wants to read a story that is simply told about surviving the wilderness within and outside of oneself. I wrote the series because one book could not contain my over a four-decade-long relationship with this wilderness and the cabin.”

Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait goes beyond Yvonne’s time in the woods. It delves into her earlier years and life as an orphan floating about in a Middle-Class Catholic system. As she details her ongoing sexual, physical, psychological abuse and financial manipulation, she explores the critical differences between caring and grooming as a child. Yvonne’s book is truly an inspiration for anyone trying to find light in their life. Order your copy of Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait by Yvonne Wakefield today.

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