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The BookFest Happens April 6th and 7th – Check out these Favorites

As we approach April 6th and 7th, the literary world buzzes with anticipation for The BookFest, the virtual event for book lovers, writers, and thinkers alike. This year’s lineup promises an array of engaging discussions, panels, and interviews, making it the perfect opportunity to dive deep into the minds of some of today’s most compelling authors. Whether you’re an avid reader or simply looking for your next favorite book, these selections will not only prepare you for the festivities but also enrich your bookish journey. Check out the standout titles being featured at The BookFest.

The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner at The BookFest

In The Maze Cutter, by James Dashner, revisits the dystopian world of The Maze Runner, 73 years later. This new saga introduces readers to the descendants of the original survivors, who encounter a mysterious woman with ominous news from the mainland. As Sadina, Isaac, Jackie, and a young orphan named Minho journey into a civilization where evolved Cranks and new dangers await, they must unravel a complex conspiracy that targets them. Dashner delivers another gripping adventure filled with mystery, betrayal, and a quest for survival. The Maze Cutter is a must-read for BookFest attendees eager for high-stakes drama and dystopian intrigue.

Incidents Around the House by Josh Malerman at The BookFest

Josh Malerman, acclaimed author of Bird Box, returns with Incidents Around the House, a spine-tingling narrative seen through the eyes of eight-year-old Bela and her encounters with a malevolent presence known as “Other Mommy.” As unsettling events unfold, threatening the fabric of her family, Bela faces a chilling dilemma posed by the entity’s haunting question. Malerman crafts a concise, compelling tale of horror that intertwines the fragility of family bonds with the terror of the supernatural. This novel promises to be a thrilling topic of conversation at The BookFest, appealing to those captivated by the darker, more mysterious aspects of storytelling.

Advanced Method Writing by Jack Grapes at The BookFest

Jack GrapesAdvanced Method Writing introduces a transformative approach to writing that deepens voice and sharpens imagery. For aspiring writers and literary buffs attending The BookFest, Grapes’ method offers innovative techniques to enhance their craft. This book promises to inspire lively workshops and insightful conversations on creativity and expression. Want a one on one with Jack Grapes? make Sure to enter the Writers Giveaway for your chance to win.

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson at The BookFest

Thunder Dog recounts the remarkable story of Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle, during the 9/11 attacks. A testament to trust, teamwork, and the indomitable human spirit, Hingson’s narrative offers a profound look at overcoming adversity. This true story will surely resonate with The BookFest attendees, reminding us of the power of faith and resilience in the darkest of times.

The Berman Murders by Doug Kari at The BookFest

For true crime aficionados Doug Kari‘s The Berman Murders presents a meticulously researched account of an unsolved double homicide. Kari’s exploration of the case, filled with dogged reporting and suspenseful pacing, will captivate readers and provide ample material for engaging discussions on crime, justice, and the complexities of human nature at The BookFest.

The Inclusive All by Kelly Anne Manuel at The BookFest

Kelly Anne Manuel’s The Inclusive All invites children and adults alike into a world where inclusion, peace, and harmony reign. This poetic narrative, enriched with vibrant illustrations, offers a gentle reminder of the joy and unity that diversity brings. It’s a heartwarming addition to any BookFest goer’s reading list, especially for those interested in literature that fosters understanding and compassion. Make sure to enter the Children’s Giveaway for your chance to win this book and so many more.

Sigma Force Series by James Rollins at The BookFest

James Rollins’ Tides of Fire thrusts readers into the heart of a catastrophic geological upheaval, challenging the elite Sigma Force to avert global disaster. Set against the backdrop of the Coral Sea’s Titan Project, the team faces a series of massive quakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions sparked by a sinister force beneath the ocean’s surface. As they navigate the perils of a rapidly changing world and confront an ancient adversary, their quest leads them to a mysterious key rooted in Aboriginal mythology. Rollins combines cutting-edge science with relentless suspense, making Tides of Fire an electrifying addition to The BookFest’s lineup for those seeking a blend of adventure and a glimpse into humanity’s potential peril.

Red November by W. Craig Reed at The BookFest

W. Craig Reed’s Red November takes readers deep beneath the waves into the heart of Cold War espionage. Reed’s firsthand experience as a Navy diver and submariner lends authenticity to this riveting account of underwater intrigue. It’s a must-read for history buffs and adventure seekers at The BookFest, offering a unique glimpse into the silent battlefields of the Cold War.

The Corona Protocol by Dr. Paul D. Corona at The BookFest

In The Corona Protocol, Dr. Paul D. Corona bridges the gap between mind and body, offering a comprehensive approach to mental health that challenges conventional medical practices. His insights into the emotional underpinnings of physical well-being will undoubtedly spark thoughtful discussions on health, wellness, and the holistic approach to medicine among BookFest participants.

Moonlighting: An Oral History by Scott Ryan at The BookFest

In The Last Decade, Scott Ryan celebrates the 1990s as a pinnacle era for cinema, focusing on twenty-five films that exemplify the decade’s storytelling prowess, from GoodFellas to Magnolia. With a blend of humor and insight, Ryan, drawing on his experiences, examines what made these movies unforgettable and argues for their enduring impact in contrast to today’s entertainment landscape. Featuring interviews with the era’s key figures, this book offers BookFest attendees a nostalgic look back at a time when storytelling reigned supreme in film, inviting readers to rediscover the classics that could never be replicated in today’s cinematic world.

Cranky Superpowers by Steven Joseph at The BookFest

Embrace the lighter side of life’s frustrations with Steven Joseph’s Cranky Superpowers. With a blend of humor and wisdom, Joseph turns everyday annoyances into sources of unexpected strength and joy. This delightful read is sure to entertain and enlighten BookFest attendees, proving that sometimes, our greatest powers lie in our ability to laugh at ourselves.

The Salvation of Henry Maxwell by Lee Lindauer at The BookFest

Lee Lindauer delves into the world of a former film star in The Salvation of Henry Maxwell. Henry Maxwell is suffering from severe depression.
Unforeseen obstacles add to his mental torture while he contemplates the
mysterious death of his beloved wife, Lillian, forty-plus years earlier.

Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murder by Sara Winokur at The BookFest

Double Blind takes readers on a thrilling journey to Iceland with forensic geneticist Brynja embarking on a quest filled with mystery, poetry, and the stark landscapes of the North. Winokur weaves a tale of suspense and science, offering a rich narrative for discussion among mystery and thriller enthusiasts at The BookFest.

As The BookFest approaches on April 6th and 7th, these highlighted titles offer a glimpse into the depth and diversity of experiences that await attendees. From thrilling adventures and historical intrigues to insights into the creative process and the resilience of the human spirit, each book promises to enrich your experience and spark engaging conversations. Don’t miss the chance to dive deeper into these stories and hear directly from the authors who’ve crafted them. Prepare your reading list, mark your calendars, and join us for a celebration of literature that promises to enlighten, entertain, and inspire. In the meantime, enter The BookFest Giveaway to win these books, plus other prizes and author autographed copies. See you at The BookFest!

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