Writing and Artificial Intelligence, with Desiree Duffy

Books That Make You Think About What It Means to be Human, and to Write

Like so many arts, writing has been a talent and skill—emphasis on skill, since lots of folks still think that writing is merely natural talent or that storytelling is easy, and reserved for humans since time immemorial. No other being (that we know of) writes. The act of communicating stories through the written word is a very human one.

Until now.

It’s no secret what Chat GPT and other LLMs—or, large language models—can do. They can indeed craft stories. They can help writers as editing assistants. They can help with research and planning like never before.

What does that mean for writers? For readers? Would you read a book written by AI? Have you already? Can you tell the difference?

In this special edition of The Books That Make You Show, Desiree Duffy discusses the impact of AI on the writing community, and how it has and will impact readers and the publishing industry at large.

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