Why It Is Vital To Assess the Needs of a Loved One When Considering Assisted Living?

There are many assisted living service providers that offer various treatments and care depending on one’s needs. There are many factors that one should consider before choosing the most appropriate facility, among them being the specific needs that your loved one has. The trained professionals at the facility can conduct a thorough assessment of the particular conditions that an individual has to meet and satisfy them properly. Failure to do so can result in unforeseen challenges during the stay at the facility or the lack of a specialist who can properly meet the requirements needed.

Who is eligible for assisted living?

During the assessment process, several factors qualify a person for assisted living. The most common is the lack of capability in doing daily tasks, which is also known as Activities for Daily Living (ADL). The care provided in an assisted living facility is non-medical but focuses more on day-to-day activities such as; dressing, using the bathroom, eating, and bathing. These are some of the things that qualify a person for assisted living, even though some may require extra help in carrying out daily chores or preparing meals.

Since the services provided are not medical, a person should have the ability to move about. This may include walking aids such as; a walking stick, walker, cane, or wheelchair. Being bedridden may require more specialized care and treatment offered in nursing homes rather than assisted living facilities. This is mainly because individuals who live in these facilities may have to live in a one-bedroom apartment or a studio without the need for round-the-clock care from the staff.

It is common for people who have reached the age where they require help to have medical conditions, whether minor or major. If a loved one needs constant medical attention, then an assisted living facility may not be the best option. A vast majority of these facilities recommend that an individual should have stable health to manage independent self-care.

Why you need to consult a professional caregiver

Most older people feel that maintaining a clean environment is tedious and often ignore all hygiene measures, including personal hygiene. Once this happens, it may be time for you to consider assisted living options suitable for your loved one. However, please do not wait until it’s too late; consult with a professional and get to know the different services offered by an assisted living facility.

Bringing an expert onboard plays an important role in making the best decision for your loved ones and ensuring that they enjoy their golden years. The decision to choose assisted living should also include the person who needs to be assisted living in helping you identify the specific needs that they have and how to cater to them fully.

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