What It’s Like to Be a Fit Model With Heather Mathes, Author of Paid to Be Perfect

Books That Make You Realize What It’s Like to be Paid to be Perfect

Professional model Heather Mathes was paid to be perfect. Imagine being paid to maintain a perfect size six your entire adult life – for decades she had to maintain such exact measurements. In doing so, she discovered her body’s natural size.

Heather’s unique expertise helps anyone who wants to find their own natural size through healthy lifestyle habits, whether you’re a size 2 or 22. Nutrition, fitness, wellness and doing what feels good are all part of her method.

As the author of the new book “Paid to be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect,” Heather shares stories about her own experiences in the fit modeling world, including insider secrets into the fashion world where she was paid to be “perfect”, and offers tips and expert advice for anyone who wants to find and maintain their body’s natural size. She is relatable and informal in sharing what is possible for anyone to achieve.

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