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What Is Pre-ordering a Book, and Why Should You Bother?

Often before a book’s official release, authors will have pre-sales, where readers can pre-order the book ahead of time. Many other media industries do this as well, such as video games and movies.


Pre-ordering a book means buying it before it is officially released. The eBook will be automatically delivered to your eReader device on the book’s release date. The paperback or hardcover will be shipped to you in advance and delivered to your door by the book’s release date.


Some readers love pre-ordering from their favorite authors or genres. Other readers are fine with waiting until their must-read books have been released a couple weeks before buying.

If you’re on the fence about pre-ordering books, here’s how it can benefit you and your favorite author:


You contribute directly to your favorite author’s success.

When you pre-order a book, you are telling the author and the retailer of the book that this book is in high demand. Bookstores may be able to tell if a book will be successful from its pre-orders. The more people who pre-order a book, the more books the bookseller will order. So, if you’re really into an author and you want him to write more and stay in business, pre-order his books.


You make sure you are among the first lucky people to read a new and fantastic book.

Pre-ordering a book means that it will be in your hands ASAP, no waiting in lines or worrying if the book will be sold out. You’ll also be one of the first to read it. Not only that, how many times have you seen a book you’re interested in, noticed it’s not released yet, and then forgotten about it, only to remember after everyone has started talking about it? Pre-ordering books means you won’t miss out on forgotten books, you can purchase them now before you forget.

You get all the cool perks available only during the pre-order.

Some authors will give away free things to readers that pre-order. Maybe it’s a short story by the author, a cool illustration, or an autographed copy of the book. These perks are usually pretty coveted and a fun bonus for pre-ordering.


You save money

Most of the time, authors will offer discounts for people who pre-order. On Amazon, once you pre-order, you pay the lowest price between the time you place the order and the release date, but you do not pay until the book is shipped. Once you’ve decided you must read a book, pre-ordering is a no-risk way to make sure you get the lowest price!


You save time

Getting a newly released book delivered right to your door is awesome. Typically, books will arrive on release day, but sometimes even earlier! There’s nothing better than opening your mailbox to find a book you pre-ordered waiting to be read, it’s like Christmas morning!

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