What Celebrity Biographies Do You Recommend in 2022 – and Why

Reading is a pastime that never goes away and only seems to get more popular in time. We all love the chance to sit down with a good book and non-fiction novels by celebrities and important people are as popular as ever these days.

I recently took to HARO to find out what celebrity bio’s other people recommend, and I’ve compiled a few of them below, along with a few celebrity biographies I have enjoyed:

(1) Matthew McConaughey – Greenlights

“I write about celebrities on a regular basis and like to keep my finger on the Hollywood pulse because of what I do. In that work, I often listen to audiobooks of books recently released by celebrities, so I wanted to recommend one of my favorites:

One of the very best audiobooks I listened to was Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Greenlights’.

There’s a reason this book got such rave reviews, and I’m an advocate for it, especially in its audiobook form since McConaughey does it all on his own. He takes us through the lessons he has learned in life and the outcomes he has come out the other end with, which I found insightful, entertaining, and even educational.

The sound of McConaughey’s voice as you drive, the stories he tells, and the entertainment value of it make this a great audiobook for a road trip. It’s fantastic!”

This book was submitted by Ali Sapra, Founder of The Elite Post.

(2) Seth Rogen – Yearbook

I laughed through this entire book written by the great Seth Rogen. It talks about his childhood in Canada, hanging out with other celebrities, and behind the scenes stories about the making of some of his most popular movies. I couldn’t believe how quick I cruised this great book by the very funny Seth Rogen.

(3) Jessica Simpson – Open Book

“Jessica Simpson has been out of the spotlight for a few years, but she still is a major celebrity and is very recognizable. She was an early star of reality TV, had some hit songs on the radio, and was a successful actress who starred in some major motion pictures.

I picked up her book a few years after its release and didn’t expect much from it when I sat down to read it. Instead, I was surprised to find this book to be an honest, open, and truthful look at her life guided by journal entries she made through her life.

I appreciate the candidness she provides us and the fact that she opens up about struggles that so many of us could face on a daily basis.”

This book was submitted by Claudine Raschi, VP, Development at Seltzer Nation.

(4) Katie Couric – Going There

This novel by Katie Couric hits on just about every emotion available to humans and brings them out in full. This is a detailed behind-the-scenes look at what we didn’t about Katie Couric and lets us know what was going on as we watched her grow in popularity right in front of our eyes.

(5) Michelle Obama – Becoming

“This book because is a candid, in-depth look into the life of a very powerful woman. This is your chance to learn about how Michelle got there and the challenges she faced along the way. I think any woman should read this and learn from its words and the messages she can share. These are lessons that can only be told from someone who has had her experiences.”

This book was submitted by Lucie Chavez, the CMO of Radaris.

What celebrity novel are you in love with?

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