What Are the Best Books to Learn Google Ads From?

Google Ads are essential for business owners, whether small or large. It can be an affordable way to reach your target audience and lock them in. However, the process can be complicated for most people without technical knowledge.

Do you want to begin paid promotion on Google but you don’t have any idea how to begin? To help you, we’ve assembled a short list of the best books that will teach you how to use Google Ads. We have read each one of these books throughout our careers as Google Ads specialists, so we can say with confidence that we know these books are good enough to take from being a total beginner to a PPC pundit.

This guide only lists a few books to help you get started. You can find a longer version of our list in the best books to learn Google Ads guide. 

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

We’re beginning off strong with a work of art in the world of PPC literature. Perry Marshall’s manual for Google Ads has all that you need to grasp the essentials of the Google advertising platform. From there, the sky’s the limit. After the publication of the first edition in 2000, the book has been updated a few times, with the sixth and most recent release released in 2020, featuring Mike Rhodes and Bryan Todd as co-writers. With the combined effort of these three capable PPC specialists, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll get nothing but the best learning experience possible.

Google Ads (AdWords) Workbook (2023)

The latest edition of this book by Jason McDonald is a comprehensive guide, fully updated for 2023. It covers various aspects of Google Ads, including RSAs, Keyword Match Types, and AI-based Campaigns. The book features real reviews, companion videos, downloadable worksheets, and access to a Marketing Almanac with free tools. Jason McDonald, an experienced Google ADs practitioner, has taught thousands of students, including at Stanford University. The book covers basics, common pitfalls, keyword strategies, effective campaign organization, ad writing, bid optimization, and more.

Unlevel the Playing Field: The Greatest Mindshift in PPC History

Frederick Vallaeys is one of the biggest talents in the field of digital advertising and marketing. To that end, his book is a decent proposal for any individual who needs to improve their PPC abilities. In Unlevel the Playing Field, Frederick discusses the course of action that you need to take in order to stand apart from competitors in the pay-per-click field. His book explains that in order to succeed in the modern field of paid advertising, we must leverage the power of artificial intelligence in order to automate processes and thus be more efficient in our work.

Why Should You Trust These Books?

You might be thinking, ‘Well, anyone could write a book; how am I sure these can even help me?’. There’s no need to worry; you can rest assured that any book on our list will give you what you need. Each book has a step-by-step process to guide you from the setup to monitoring to make the most out of your Google Ads.

To get everything rolling on your Google advertisements, you need all the help you can get. So don’t shy away from using these resources. They will come in handy for beginners to assist you with getting started and enhancing your current abilities.

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