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Celebrate these little-known holidays in October with these perfectly selected books. Halloween is of course the biggest holiday in October, but do you also celebrate Sweetest Day? What about National Tell a Story Day? Don’t miss out on these fun days this year. Mark your calendars and prepare your reading list to celebrate!


October 19th is Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluate your life, career, and self-image. Pick up How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength to celebrate Evaluate Your Life Day. This book will empower you to achieve more, negotiate to reach your full potential and shatter that glass ceiling. Get your life back on track and find the motivation you need to plan your future.







October 20th is Sweetest Day

You don’t want to forget about this holiday. A parallel to Valentine’s Day, Sweetest day is a day you spoil your loved one and shower them with affection. Mark your calendar and surprise your significant other with the gift of a romantic story; The Prince. A fantasy novel of two lovers destined to find each other again. A bouquet of flowers is great, but a classic book won’t wilt and die. Earn major brownie points by remembering Sweetest Day this year.







October 25th is Punk for a Day

There are many forms and types of Punk. There’s the classic 70’s punk with The Ramones patch safety pinned onto leather jackets and a tall mowhawk held together with glue. There’s pop punk; edgy tweens belting out Avril Lavigne lyrics. But the more recent, and most fun, is steam punk. Steampunk dress is a combination of Victorian era clothes mixed with gears and gadgets. If you’ve always wanted to try out a punk look, but never had the occasion, start your look on Punk for a Day. Get your inspiration from The Engine Woman’s Light, winner of the Steam Punk Award and Best Indie Book. You’ll find all sorts of steampunk imagery in this perfect book for Punk for a Day.






October 27th is National Tell a Story Day

Stories bring people together, and that’s the whole purpose of National Tell a Story Day. Make sure to grab a copy of Journeyman, the first book in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. Journeyman tells the story of a man trapped in another time, a time where daily life is a struggle and our nation is in its infancy. This book is great for National Tell a Story Day, and if you really don’t feel like reading, download the audiobook on Audible!







October 27th is Make a Difference Day

The little things can make the biggest difference. This year make sure you celebrate Make a Difference Day. One way to start is by purchasing a copy of Next Therapist Please, a heartwarming and candid look into the world of those affected by mental illness. The best part? 10% of gross sales are donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Help break the stigma of mental illness by supporting NAMI and reading Next Therapist Please on Make a Difference Day.



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