We Are all African, with Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum, Author of Our African Unconscious


We’re talking about Books That Make You Realize, In Our Depths, We Are all African

Are we a species at war with itself? What does our African unconscious reveal about all of us?

Today’s guest is Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum. He urges people to come together in his new book Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology, from Inner Traditions Press. Science, evolution, and deep religion, Bynum argues, all point us in the same, shared direction.

Dr. Bynum is a licensed psychologist and diplomat in clinical psychology. He is also nationally certified in biofeedback and a senior fellow in the National Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. His focus is psychosomatic medicine, hypnosis, and individual psychotherapy.

He is currently in private practice in Hadley, Massachusetts, and is the author of several books in psychology and poetry, including The First Bird, The Magdalene Poems: Love Letters of Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene, The Luminous Heretic, and Gospel of the Dark Orisha. Plus, DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and The Dreamlife of Families.

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