Unveiling the Mystical World of the Acceptance Series with Rebecca Heidt

Books That Make You Enter a World of Secrets and Ancient Powers That Blurs the Line Between Myth and Reality

We certainly love gripping, epic tales that blend genres and turn tropes on their tails—er, tales. Exactly what Rebecca Heidt delivers in her Acceptance series, where the tranquil life of the ruling nymph family—Lucas, Rose, and their daughter Selena—is shattered by a betrayal from their friend Kieran.

Lucas and Rose sacrifice themselves, allowing Selena and her guardian Liam to escape. Fast forward to 2024, where Selena, now an adult, conceals her mystical heritage and trains as a covert warrior under Liam’s guardianship.

Rebecca Heidt is an accomplished, award-winning LGBTQ writer, artist, and lover of anthropology, history, spirituality, and nature, recognized for her neurodivergent wisdom and impactful advice for aspiring writers. She has also been recognized for her forward thinking and motivation to help make the world better by being awarded the 9th rank in the 2023 Iconic 100 Impact Igniters Worldwide.

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