Unique in America: A Memoir of a Haiti Native finding Home in America

Author Yanique Beliard-Michel shares how she made her dream of immigrating to America into a reality.

Unique in America by author Yanique Beliard-Michel launches March 22nd 2019. With immigration dominating today’s headlines, Yanique’s is a timely story that needs to be told.  In her compelling memoir, Yanique leads readers on a deeply personal and emotional journey as one of the millions of strong, resilient immigrants who learn to adapt their dreams to realities in their new country.


Immigration is THE hot button issue in America. The story of Yanique’s immigration struggles shows the hardship, and reward, of the immigration process in the United States. Unique in America brings the human experience to an otherwise statistical topic.


Yanique’s story, while similar to so many other immigrants, is also distinctively her own. “The struggles while waiting to ‘become legal’ were myriad: I was Temporarily separated from my husband while he fought to get his license to practice medicine in America. Although both my husband and I had a doctorate in medicine from Haiti’s state university, he moonlighted in a nursing home as an aide and I worked cleaning offices for $3 an hour while I studied to become a respiratory therapist. My goal had been to work as a physician in America and raise a family. Now I have a new goal; it is time to share my story, our story, the humiliations, missed dreams, our strengths and resiliency as immigrants. We are not unique in America.”


What made Yanique leave her county, uproot her family, face the danger, insult, discrimination, and rejection?  Discover how Yanique faced her fears and made her vision into a reality.


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