Travel to Magical Worlds with Vianlix-Christine Schneider, Author of Seaside Magic

Books That Make You Travel to Magical Worlds

Imagine graduating from high school, getting ready to chase your dream career on Broadway, and then, the world shuts down.

Everyone went through it. Depending on what stage you were in your life, though, it impacted many of us more profoundly. But the incredible opportunities that spring from our collective “dark night of the soul” is that creatives who were stuck at home did what creatives do best: they made things.

Such is the case with Vianlix-Christine Schneider, who wrote her first book, Seaside Magic, which took her out of the real world for a few hours each day as she created a magical place with 14-year-old protagonist Caroline Smith, who discovers that her family has magical powers, only to encounter a mysterious masked man seeking to put an end to that.

Vianlix-Christine is also the author of Seaside Magic: The World of the Mirror and Puffy Ball. Something amazing about all three books – they all won BookFest Awards, a truly phenomenal feat!

Vianlix-Christine lives in Virginia with her supporting family, along with her two dogs, Hershey and Oreo.

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