Top Beach Reads Featured at the Beach Bound Book Bash

If you’re gearing up for some quality time with the sand and sea—or even just the comfort of your backyard lounger—the Beach Bound Book Bash has you covered with an eclectic mix of engaging reads. Dive into these exciting titles, each perfect for adding a splash of adventure, romance, or laughter to your summer days. Join us on June 8th for an online event full of live author readings, discussions, games, and giveaways. Make sure to follow along for the fun, join our Facebook group or follow the YouTube channel so you don’t miss the event.   Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on the roster:

The Last Decade of Cinema by Scott Ryan

Scott Ryan reminisces about the 1990s, a golden era in film, through a detailed examination of twenty-five significant movies. From “Goodfellas” to “Magnolia,” Ryan explores what made these films classics and why such movies are unlikely to emerge in today’s film industry. His insights offer a nostalgic trip back to a time when storytelling and character development were paramount in cinema. Cinema lovers will need this book for their long days of summer, find The Last Decade of Cinema here

No Stranger Christmas by Roger Leslie

In No Stranger Christmas, young Frankie Lincoln strives to bring joy to his family during tough financial times while exploring his artistic potential and facing challenges related to his identity. His journey of self-discovery and courage makes for an inspiring holiday story filled with themes of love and resilience. The novel is a touching reflection on family, acceptance, and the spirit of Christmas. It’s never too early to get ready for the holidays, Pre-order your copy of No Stranger Christmas here.

My Name is Wing by Kelly Anne Manuel

This charming narrative starts with a child exploring nature and stumbling upon a curious object—a ring that believes it is a wing. Through playful interactions, the child learns valuable lessons about communication and self-identity. Kelly Anne Manuel’s poetic style and the enchanting illustrations create a delightful read for both children and adults, emphasizing the joy of discovery and the importance of understanding one’s core values. Make sure your kiddos are reading this summer and grab your copy of My Name Is Wing here.

Hard Dog's Night by Rebecca Hendricks

In an era where rock-n-roll is seen as a rebel force, “Hard Dog’s Night” showcases a fierce showdown between The Hound Dogs and their rivals, The Dice, at the Madison Community Center. As The Dice introduce a new member with a secret agenda, The Hound Dogs scramble to complete their lineup. Amidst this battle of the bands, the local community grapples with the tension between tradition and the rebellious spirit of rock-n-roll. This engaging blend of historical fiction and coming-of-age drama captures the powerful impact of music on lives and societal norms. A must add to your reading list, pre-order your copy of Hard Dogs Night here

The Corona Protocol by Paul D. Corona

Dr. Paul D. Corona offers a groundbreaking approach to healthcare, focusing on the integration of emotional and physical health. Drawing on his extensive experience, he proposes a protocol that seeks to reduce unnecessary suffering by addressing both the mind and body. This book not only provides insights into holistic health but also encourages a deeper understanding among healthcare professionals and patients alike. Prioritize your health this summer and order your copy of The Corona Protocol here.

Snoodles in Space - Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back by Steven Joseph

In this third installment of the Snoodles series, Herbie Snoodleman and Sour Croodle-man face a new threat as the vengeful Zoodles team up with a grimy millionaire to poison Earth’s water supply. The sinister plan could transform all humanity into aimless Willy Nilly’s and Dilly Dally’s. Young heroes Briana and Ricky, alongside unlikely allies from across the tracks, race against time to save the world. Packed with intergalactic mischief and heroism, this story is a thrilling addition to any summer reading list. Go on a whirlwind adventure and learn more here. 

Dive into these engaging stories as you relax this summer. Each book offers a unique journey, making them perfect additions to your beach tote. Enjoy your literary adventures at the Beach Bound Book Bash! Make sure to enter the Beach Bound Book Bash Giveaway to win all these books and a beach bag!

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