Those Who Hunt Wolves: Book Review

Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor


At once a thriller, action and fantasy novel, Those Who Hunt Wolves is a story that follows Shepard Black and his quest to hunt down the ‘Wolves’-genetically engineered super soldiers-while avoiding the various hits against him. Through Shepard’s narrative, readers quickly determine that he was part of a group called ‘7721’, that answered to the Blackstar General (or James Ashcroft as he’s often referred to in the story). The Wolves are Ashcroft’s bodyguards, who have been lab-designed to possess super strength to protect him and him only-even if it means killing anyone that poses a potential threat to him. When one of the Wolves goes rogue, more than just Shepard is on the hunt looking for her. Barbara, or ‘Carol’, who is regarded as the strongest (and most unstable) of the three original Wolves, is being sought by countless people.


Those Who Hunt WolvesReaders are introduced to “The Blackout” early on in the story and are quickly privy to the fact that The Blackout is missing; at first, you don’t find out what The Blackout is, but you do know that it is elusive and multiple people and agencies want to get their hands on it. The alternating timeline from past to present provides more details about The Blackout and the backstory of the ‘Wolves’. I won’t reveal precisely what The Blackout is, however it becomes obvious early on in the story that at least part of The Blackout is a highly encrypted tech software that, if left in the wrong hands, could have detrimental effects. Once you find out what The Blackout is and what it’s being used for, the entire story culminates into an unforgettable ending.


Exploring the Main Subject Matter of Those Who Hunt Wolves


Initially, I had some trouble determining the main subject matter and genre of this book. Interpreting the collective of the story, the title and characters, I kept alternating between labelling the book as Sci-Fi, Action, or Fantasy, but quickly realized that the book encapsulates all three genres. From finding out about The Blackout (and what it truly is and what it’s used for), to discovering what and who The Wolves are, to the general storyline that follows Shepard Black, you can quickly establish that the novel captures key elements of each of the aforementioned genres. The alternating timelines, perspectives and locations all made this novel an enjoyable read and enhanced my reading experience by providing me with additional material to devour. Not to mention the graphic prose, action-packed scenes and a (albeit small) hint of romance, all made this book one I’m sure to recommend to others.


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An ideal choice for fans of Riley Sager, George Orwell and Brandon Sanderson, Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor is an action-packed, fast-paced novel that is sure to become a popular book. Bursting with descriptive, graphic writing and oftentimes crude language, Those Who Hunt Wolves is an engrossing and utterly enthralling novel that will stay with you well beyond the last page of the book. Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor will be available on Amazon on February 22nd, 2022.

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