Book Review- The World Small by Kelly-Anne Manuel

Are you looking for a perfect bedtime book to read to your child as they are about to sleep? Worry not; we have the perfect gift just for you.

The World Small by Kelly Anne Manuel was born as a poem and remained so. The World Small is the Book 2 of Kelly Anne Manuel’s “The Essentials Series.” In this book, the Child is encouraged to engage in their bedtime ritual while enjoying the comfort of Nature nearby. The book uniquely blends relaxation, tranquility, and imagination through stimulating prose. The World Small teaches the child that no matter where they are on the planet, Nature has familiar elements and will always be available for discovery and wonder.

The World Small is a short read perfect for a quick bedtime story session with your child. This book is fitting if your child is a visual learner because it comes with vibrant and detailed illustrations of various places worldwide, making it more appealing for young ones out there. The art is simple yet engaging at the same time. The book starts with a drawing of a map, then shifts to multiple elements such as rockets, rives, rainbows, clouds, hot air balloons, and mountains, until it ends with an illustration of the evening sky. The book showcases various places, leading up to the night sky at the end, making the story like a journey your kid is about to experience.

Aside from the colorful illustrations, another strength of this book is the message itself. The World Small implies the notion that children can play and appreciate their surroundings no matter where they are, regardless of where they live. It shows that there is joy and fun everywhere. It encourages kids to be more curious about the world and that it is good to be adventurous and open to exploring things around them. Aside from that, what I also like about this book is the personification of mother nature. The poem implies that the world is small, and we are all in the care of Nature, perfectly tucked in, just like a mother putting her child to sleep. The vivid illustrations and its wonderful message make it an excellent story to read to your child.

If you’re interested in picking up this book, you can also look at the rest of the books from the series. The Essentials Series by Kelly Anne Manuel includes self-talk books that children can read anytime. The message of these books revolves around daily, positive affirmations that motivate children to stand up for themselves and independently face their fears. Grab a copy of this book now!

You can check out The World Small on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For more information about Kelly Anne Manuel’s books, you may visit Goodreads.

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