The Thrilling Sci-Fi Series You Have To Check Out

If you’re looking for a way to escape, a way to block out all the noise and get lost in a book, we highly recommend checking out author Lon Varnadore. He writes incredible science fiction series. These books take you to other worlds. Lon has an incredible way of describing other-wordy scenes and imaginative characters.  His newest series, Junker Blues, is out now, here’s the inside scoop:


What Inspired You to Write the Junker Blues series?


So, I’m going to tell a bit of a secret. I started this book series with another guy. Long story short, he flaked on me before the first draft was done. This was in 2019. So, I took it upon myself to write and finish this series that now is going to span six novels. Also, the inspiration for the story was this story of a scrapper who finds something in a bunch of junk that turns out to be much more than he bargained for.


Can You Tell Us About the series from Your Point of View?


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It is a rollicking adventure yarn about Marcus Redding, a created creature named Lashiel, and the various adventures that befall them and others in the solar system.


What Can Readers Expect from the series?


Adventure, intrigue, betrayal, revenge, and just fun.


Can You Tell Me Three Fun Facts About You?


I’m a giant D&D nerd. Have been for twenty years, or so. I live with a few very spoiled cats and one neurotic dog. I’m a big old nerd who just wants to tell fun and interesting stories.


What Are Your Plans for Future Writing Projects?


Well, I am hard at work on the next in the Junker Blues series. I am also working on the next in the 4Pollack series. And, then a small hiatus from those to work on another space opera that has been in my head for some time and a serial prequel for another much longer series I want to tell that is much more science fantasy.


What Do You Want the World to Know About Your Books?


They are stories of action, adventure, and intrigue. And, that there are more coming.


How Do You Think Your Book Relates to The World Today?


One is just a way to escape from the world at large. At the same time, there is an undercurrent of trying to fight against those who want to take everything from you, promising you comfort, which is dressed up slavery really.


What Do You Hope Will Be the Everlasting Thoughts for Readers Who Finish Your Books?


That was a great adventure, I wonder what is going to happen next?


What Kind of Reader Will Like Your Books?

Anyone who likes fun and fast paced stories, stories with a small hint of darkness, but adventure and daring as well.


What Is Your Favorite Passage From Your Books?


If it’s from Junker BluesMars, on the last page, “I’ll try not to, Spider. Stay out of my head. And by the way, the ship’s name is Junker Blues.

If you mean favorite ever, it’s from Mostly Human. “To him, I was easy to pay off and silence, someone who’d do what is told for the right price. To him, I’m only mostly human.”


If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours?

If you like thrilling action and adventure that kicks off a six book series of space opera action, you want Junker Blues: Mars! You want a dark and twisted sci-fi noir thriller, get Mostly Human.

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