The Sweetest Lady Bug Author Isabel Cintra

Isabel Cintra grew up in the small town of Sao Joaquim de Barra, Brazil. At an early age, she entered the magical world of writing and literature which inspired her to write “The Sweetest Ladybug”.

With a deep love of fairy tales, these stories taught her more than just happily ever after; they portrayed a universal theme of fantasy,  good versus evil and taught her values like hard work and kindness. 

Through her vibrant picture books, illustrated by her brother Zeka Cintra, Isabel strives to introduce kids to a world where diversity is valuable and beautiful. 

Her latest book, The Sweetest Ladybug is a fantasy story with the cutest illustrations. We interviewed Isabel for more about her book: 


The Sweetest Ladybug book coverWhat Inspired You to Write Your Book?

My childhood.

I have always been a very curious child with small animals. I could, for example, spend hours and hours following an ant’s journey to its final destination. That was funny for me!

I wondered: What a ant’s life was like?

So writing The Sweetest Lady Bug was without doubt, a beautiful trip back in time. As a tropical country, Brazil has a huge amount of colorful insects and an incredible variety. I wanted each one of them to stamp every page of the book and Zeka, my brother and illustrator, he did it beautifully.


Can You Tell Us About the Book from Your Point of View?

One thing is about the representation of black people as the idea of ​​family in the society of relationships.

This is something important that is hardly noticed in children’s books and the book brings this already in the first pages, when we can see Joana happily and she is not alone, she is interacting in the kitchen with her parents. It’s so beautiful to see!!!

Joana liked to give names to the objects in her house, it was a funny thing for her, for that little girl’s head full of imagination.

And she always had her parents’ support for these home games. And I think this support only motivates creativity in early childhood education. Like, let’s play the whole family together!

And  the garden!

Where all the adventures in the book takes place. Such a nice and healthy place, perfect for children to spend most of their time and unfortunately nowadays, the garden is an increasingly forgotten place by children.

From the moment Johana start to follow Mr. Cricket on the way to the big apple tree, until she finds and meet all the insects around, the same ones she always saw in her father’s science books, All this magical discovery happens in a garden!

So, the book is also a great incentive to explore more this amazing green place of many houses and buildings around the world.


What Can Readers Expect from This Book?

 In this book, you will find black representation through magnificent illustrations that shows a story made to work the imagination and creativity of children.

An incredible journey through the mysteries, challenges and all the beauty that is hidden in every garden.


Can You Tell Me Three Fun Facts About You?

Isabel Cintra

 Ok, that´s difficult…  I foun two facts that can be insteresting to say:

I can be very distracted, I can be in a conversation with someone and have my head far away… thinking about other things.

As a child, I really wanted to be a boy. I really would like to have the same freedom as my brother Zeka Cintra.


What Are Your Plans for Future Writing Projects?

 Me and my brother have so many ideas! He’s an amazing illustrator and we want to bring in as much black representation as possible.

There is a book being illustrated at the moment with a focus not only on representation, but also on children’s regionality. We all feel closer to a book when we see ourselves in it, when we feel part of the place presented in the narrative. We really believe in this.



What Do You Want the World to Know About Your Book?

It is important to say that, this is a joint work.

It’s the goal of two brothers who want to bring black representation through fantastic stories and impeccable illustrations.


How Do You Think Your Book Relates to The World Today?

 It is remarkable that, humanity while walking in positive forward, suddenly also takes a few steps backwards. It is necessary to recognize as a fact and work together for the possibility of seeing more beautiful days ahead.

I see my books contributing to this journey moving forward in a positive way.



What Do You Hope Will Be the Everlasting Thoughts for Readers Who Finish Your Book?

“Shall we imagine what it would be like if what happened to Johana also happened to us? Shall we go out for a while to observe the insects outside?”

I hope these pages will inspire children and adults alike.

May creativity move everyone!



What Should Remain with Readers Long After Putting Your Book Down?

 “We must live life to the full!”

Let us always have a good sprinkle of fantasy and creativity to shield and guide us along the path to dreams!


If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours?

Well, a colorful book that brings fantasy and funny themes is amazing.

So, imagine if in addition, this book can also shows how important the concept of representativeness is in the current society that we live in!

This book is “The Sweetest ladybug”.


Find your copy of “The Sweetest Ladybug” on Amazon now!

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