The Prince – A Wild Ride

I cuddled up with The Prince on a rainy Saturday morning, with a mug full of my favorite green tea, and a warm blanket to cozy up with. I expected to read a couple chapters then go about my day, instead I ended up engulfed in the world of Fenrir so completely I could not stop reading. The Prince was a fast and action packed read. Before I knew it I was half way through. I looked at the clock and decided this was just going to be a book I had to read cover to cover. Every single page of The Prince kept me intrigued and wanting more. I finished The Prince the same day I started and when I closed the book my first thought was “I want more!”

The Prince starts with Lorkan fondly thinking of his partner Prince Callum when Lorkan hears screams. He witnesses a young child and her mother being snatched by kidnappers. In the heat of the moment he fights to free the child, only to be overtaken and captured himself. He and the mother are then forced to march through dark and dreary underground tunnels. Lorkan is completely disorientated, but he knows he has to devise a plan to free himself and the woman marching next to him.

When Prince Callum hears of his lovers kidnap he struggles to keep his composure. Furious with a blinding rage, he demands every single resource his kingdom has be used to find Lorkan. Callum then decides to take drastic measures. Despite the risks, he knows the only way to find the kidnappers is to find someone on the inside who knows their secret locations.

As a lover of romance novels, The Prince was a unique blend of fantasy, adventure and romance. The entire book I found myself rooting for the two men to find each other again and I was hoping for a happily ever after. I found the same sex romance refreshing and progressive. Even though the world of Fenrir is fictional, it feels familiar and is easy to get lost in.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and romance. Be prepared for a wild ride with twists and a surprise ending.

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