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The Must-Have Books on Your TBR List This Year

In 2022, you are probably searching for the next books to add to your TBR for the new year. And we have some very tempting titles lining up for the next few months. If you want to diversify your literary taste, here you’ll find an exclusive list with already published titles and also some books that you can pre-order.

Laurel Anne Hill – Plague of Flies

Book cover of A Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846If you are looking for a magical historical fiction, this one might be for you. Based in 1864 Mexico, the story follows Catalina, a brave young girl who has to fight back to win what the war has taken from her: her family, her friends, her lover. This is a great addition for any YA lover who wants to learn more about Mexican culture but also loves an immersive story with mesmerizing characters. Get it on Amazon.




David Ruggerio – A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

a tomato grows in Brooklyn book coverDo you think about adding “become a better chef” in your new year’s resolution? Then this book might be perfect for you. You will follow the renowned chef and author David Ruggerio in his journey across Italian-American cuisine, where you’ll find not only the best heart-warming recipes but also tales that will bring the food to life. With a great mix of simple and complex recipes and stories of past generations, this one is a great addition to everyone’s TBR. Order on Amazon.



Clyve Rose – Always a Princess

Always a Princess book coverIf you want to spice up your reading list for the next year with a romance, let it be this one. A Bridgerton-like Regency with a gorgeous love story between two different cultures, a Romani princess and an Englishman, this slow-burn will surely keep you mesmerized. This is a unique, sweet, and engrossing debut with a powerful leading woman and an endearing lesson in the grace of both cultures. Get it on Amazon.



Steven Joseph – Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles and Lots and Lots of Noodles

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles book coverFor the parents in search of a book that will engage both you and your kid, look no further. Known for his fun and entertaining style, Steven Joseph is treating us with a new release next year. This hilarious new book will make kids and parents laugh out loud and is packed with new flavors and emotions. For news about the book, you can check Joseph’s website.



Yvonne Wakefield – A Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait

Babe in the Woods book coverA splendid real-life story set deep into the woods, this journey of a young girl who learns how to live on her own, in a cabin she builds in the middle of nowhere, is set to amaze you and leave you wanting for more. Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait is the second in a three-book series, and is perfect for anyone interested in living off the grid and starting a new life, surrounded by beauty and nature. Grab her book from Amazon.




David Konrad – Project Adventure Box Set

Project Adventure Box Set CoverFilled with exhilarating adventures and detective stories, this box set contains the first four books of the series and is guaranteed to keep every young reader hooked. A story of friendship, courage and life lessons, with lots of depth and individuality to each character. A great addition to the TBR of families with kids who love to go on adventures and a great series for dads to read to their kids. Get your box set on Amazon.




Harrison Taylor – Those Who Hunt Wolves

Those Who Hunt Wolves book coverA dark government secret, a weapon that can either save the world or destroy it, espionage and super-soldiers: these are the main points behind the soon-to-come thriller mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are a fan of action and incredible plot twists, you need to have a book like this on your TBR. To learn more about the book visit the page.





Isabel Cintra – The Sweetest Ladybug

The Sweetest Ladybug book coverNo matter the age, we are never too old to learn how to be better for the ones around us. And if you are a parent, this next book is perfect for you. Discover alongside Johana the beauty in the diversity of our world while navigating gorgeous illustrations and stories and communicating the love for nature and all the creatures around us, everything in the realms of her own garden. Grab it on Amazon.



Heather Mathes – Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect Size

Paid to Be Perfect book coverWe all know how the way we look can change the way we feel and act. And finding the balance between being healthy mentally as well as physically can be hard: this is where Heather Mathe’s new book comes into play. This includes the real-life ways of a fit model to always be on your best weight, from a 2 to a 22, and most importantly, do it in a healthy way. This guide includes lifestyle habits of nutrition, fitness, skincare and wellness, as well as secrets behind being a fit model. For more info on the book, you can check Heather’s website.



Dames Handsome – Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees

Tricks 'n Trees book coverAn imaginative and fun read about a trio of fairy Knights, with a mix of Korean and Western fairy tales, this role-playing-inspired adventure is perfect for any kid with a love for games. Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees is the latest book in the series, it’s filled with beautiful illustrations and makes for a great spooky bedtime read that will leave the kids wondering for more. Grab your copy on Amazon.




Hanya Yanagihara – To Paradise 

To Paradise book coverAfter the incredible success of A Little Life, Hawaiian author Hanya Yanagihara comes back with a new book set in an alternate version of America in the years 1893, 1993 and 2093. The book offers “three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss and the elusive promise of utopia”. Even if you are familiar with the author or not, this book is promised to be heart-breaking and tender nonetheless. The book is out for pre-orders and will be released in January 2022. Available on Amazon.



Ali Hazelwood – The Love Hypothesis 

The Love Hypothesis book coverTo convince her best friend she is dating, Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith makes a promise to kiss the first man she sees. That man turns out to be a cocky professor she’s not the biggest fan of. Shocked when he agrees to play her fake boyfriend, she starts collecting “data” – but her love hypothesis is starting to crumble. If you are a fan of the fake-dating trope or the sunshine-grumpy couple, or you are just looking for a  fun and entertaining rom-com novel to add to your TBR,  you shouldn’t miss this one. Available on Amazon.


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