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Are you looking for an excellent paranormal-romance book to start the year 2023? If yes, we have the perfect book for you!


Award-winning author Anika Savoy is up to release the first book from her highly anticipated Ungilded Series titled The Ghost in Her this January 3rd, 2023. The paranormal romance book, under Inkspell Publishing, offers a narrative with feminism, history, and class inequality as its central themes. The Ghost in Her is a genre-bender book with supernatural, Gothic horror, and mystery elements that should appeal to those who enjoy Christina Skye’s Draycott Abbey Series or Harper Lin’s Southern Sleuth Series.


The Ghost in Her

Anika Savoy Book

“The first book of Anika Savoy’s Ungilded series, The Ghost in Her, is a dark, immersive fairy tale dusted with Gothic whimsy. It is a story for the romantic and the history buff, a rich page-turner that forces us to consider the ongoing social ills that, to this day, continue to haunt us.”—Bestselling author– Mike Robinson.

Maggie O’Connor, who comes from a long line of Irish women seers, is the protagonist of this book. Even though Maggie doesn’t want to run into ghosts, there is nothing she can do to stop them from following her. Seeing ghosts runs in her blood, and there’s no other choice but to live with it, even if it affects how others perceive her. After witnessing the death of her sister Nessa due to childbirth, Maggie had to work extra hard to keep herself alive and her sister’s baby. When a vicious neighbor kidnaps her sister’s baby, Maggie’s life worsens. Maggie then hurries to rescue the kidnapped baby with the aid of a dashing young man named Gershom, who happens to be the son of Maggie’s employer. That is, if Maggie could escape the insane asylum to which she was transferred on Blackwell Island. Will they be able to save the stolen child? That’s for the readers to find out.


Well-written and Entertaining

The Ghost in Her is such a fun and engaging book to read. Despite the author’s writing style, which incorporates rich literary devices, the chapters are well-written and easy to read. The author ends each chapter with a cliffhanger which instantaneously makes the audience read the next chapter immediately.


As the first book in the Ungilded Series, Anika Savoy wrote an excellent opening book on what we should expect for the whole series. The Ghost in Her is a perfect mix of supernatural, gothic horror, and romance. I love the magical elements, which include encounters with witches, dragons, spirits, and ghosts. The chemistry of the two main characters, Maggie, and Gershom, is top-notched, making their interactions enjoyable to read. I also enjoy how the author incorporates some bits of history and mythology within the story. Overall, The Ghost in Her is a must-read! I look forward to the next installment in the Ungilded Series, Mayhem in Disguise.


You can check out and pre-order The Ghost in Her on Amazon. The kindle version only retails for $3.49. Make sure to get it!


For more information about Anika Savoy, you can visit her website. You may also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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