The Future of Livestreaming and Digital Media with Ross Brand, How AI Is Reshaping Content

Books That Make You See the Future—As It Pertains to AI in Livestreaming and Digital Media

Livestream events like The BookFest, for which Books That Make You is a presenting sponsor, are becoming more and more popular. The pandemic pushed us into a digital landscape, and that momentum remains strong.

A leading figure in the live video and digital media space, Ross Brand helps creators and entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise. He has been instrumental in the growth of platforms like StreamYard, and has been recognized as the world’s #1 livestreaming expert on social media by Klout.

The 4th volume in Ross Brand’s series 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions is a number one Amazon bestseller in seven different countries. The book is a guide for anyone who livestreams, podcasts, programs and promotes YouTube Channels, creates courses, is a businessperson or entrepreneur, and really anyone who recognizes the importance of staying on the bleeding edge of technology.

In the book, Ross spotlights predictions by an array of contributors—including Emmy winners, hall of fame podcasters, YouTube stars, industry executives, and even our own Desiree Duffy—about how AI is impacting the world for writers.

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