The Dragonfly Rises from The Perfect Revenge Saga of Love, Hate and Hope

Longtime philanthropist, WilD is passionate about the cause of female empowerment and has devoted years to this mission. In this period, he has discovered something wonderful and inspiring that he wants to share with the world. WilD’s first book, The Dragonfly Rises from The Perfect Revenge series, is out. As a storyteller, his message is coherent with the cause, “Women facing even the most harrowing challenges can attain their highest goals.”

In that spirit, The Dragonfly Rises follows Zoey through her treacherous childhood to the liberating womanhood. Zoey’s transformative journey is ignited by hope, persistence, and inner strength. After her parents’ passing, Zoey Tirado is blamed and made to feel guilty for their deaths. Raised by a wealthy but cruel and controlling uncle, Zoey suffers irreversible damage to her self-esteem that haunts her for life.

The Dragonfly Rises book from The Perfect Revenge seriesBut somehow, Zoey manages to escape. Now free, but fragile, clueless, and lonely, Zoey lets life coil out of control. After suffering the consequences of the downfall, she realizes that she needs help. Enters, a champion female fighter who guides Zoey by helping her transform, strengthen, and control her body and mind. Empowered and evolved, Zoey focuses her energies on her end goal – The perfect revenge.

Zoey’s emotional evolution from feeling guilty and powerless to finding strength and success in The Dragonfly Rises will empower you too. The Perfect Revenge series’ first installment unfolds a sexy and thrilling saga of romance, espionage, street justice, and more.

In this contemporary women’s fiction, WilD uncovers the struggles girls like Zoey go through and hopes to help more women find their voices and encourage others to further the cause. Fun fact, the author bases many scenes in the story on real-life experiences and challenges faced by him and his mother’s. To learn more about WilD, you can read an exclusive Books That Make You author interview here.

Be part of Zoey’s journey as she unshackles herself from the dark past, rises to life’s many challenges, and chases her ultimate goal. Order your copy of the racy thriller on Amazon now.

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