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Now here is an intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring page-turner to kick-start your Fall TBR list. The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises is the first book in The Perfect Revenge saga. The contemporary women’s fiction follows the lead, Zoey, through her journey from a scared child to a strong independent woman as she takes matters into her own hands. The Perfect Revenge is packed with romance, street justice, drama, and more. We asked author WilD to let us in on some lesser-known details about this racy thriller.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

Watching my mother struggle throughout her life and then witnessing young women with difficult childhoods make amazing transformations through a nonprofit organization I support, I want to inspire even more women to overcome past traumas to reach fulfillment.

How Do You Think Your Book Relates to the World Today?

Zoey’s story promotes female empowerment, which ties directly to the #MeToo movement and to the push to have more women in positions of power, which in my view is the way to a better world.

What Should Remain with Readers Long After Putting Your Book Down?

The awareness that we can all attain a better life, no matter how desperate our current or past situation. And that true help is available to those ready and willing to put in the effort to transform.

What type of reader will enjoy your book?

Women with a taste for drama, who appreciate the emotion, eroticism, and action of a modern hero-in-the-making’s journey.

What is your favorite passage from your book?

The following is my favorite as it leads to a pivotal breakthrough for Zoey that I know will resonate with readers:

“You know, Zoey,” Leah began, as we both toweled off at least some of our sweat, “I know so much about you.”

“I know, Leah,” I answered, “and I’m so glad tha—”

“But,” she interrupted, “I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot I don’t know. And probably that your therapist doesn’t know.”

Her eyes were locked onto mine and I couldn’t move. Of course she was right. She knew the streets. She knew people. She knew when there were secrets.

“I said when you first told me your story that you didn’t whine it to me, which meant you were ready for the help I could give you. And all that has proven true. But are you ready once again? Ready to move to the next level? Ready to tell me the rest of your story? Ready to tell me the things you haven’t told your therapists?”

She knew I knew that she was right.

“I…I’m ready…” I stuttered out, already beginning to cry.

“I’m listening,” she said calmly, her eyes still piercing mine.

“I need to begin with a confession,” I choked. I struggled to get the words out. How would Leah feel about me after hearing the truth? Would she kick me out of the program? Out of her life? I didn’t know, but I did know I needed to get it out. It was eating me alive. I took the plunge.

“I killed both my parents,” I sobbed.


Are you working on any other projects?

The Dragonfly Rises is just the first installment of The Perfect Revenge series. Book two will be ready for publication next year, with at least two more titles to follow!

What is your personal sweetest revenge story?

Proving people wrong: I was told throughout childhood that I would never amount to anything, but I showed the naysayers by being the first in my family to graduate college, followed by achieving a graduate degree and establishing my own successful business.

Did personal life experiences help shape this book? If so, can you tell us about one?

Absolutely! A few characters of the story are based on people I have met. For example, my mother’s hardships inspired me to create Zoey’s mom, Tilly, and describe the difficulties of caring for your child when poverty strikes.

How does this book help empower women?

By showing readers that healing from past traumas and rising above your current circumstances is possible, no matter how bad things seem.

What is a woman’s greatest power? What was Zoey’s greatest power?

Every human being’s greatest power is figuring out who they are and gaining the confidence to realize their potential. In Zoey’s case, she has a unique knack for numbers (which in her youth made her a bit dorky) and a sweat-and street-earned work ethic that will help her soar to ever-great heights of success and fulfillment.

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