The Books That Make You Holiday Book Gift Guide

If the spirit of giving is giving you a case of the feels this year, then we have a treat for you! Our Holiday Book Gift Guide will help you find the perfect book for everyone on your list. After all, new-fangled gadgets, boring box sets, and predictable gift cards can’t compete with the heartfelt gift of a unique book.

Our Holiday Book Gift Guide ensures that your shopping experience is easy and enjoyable this holiday season.




A Book for the Quirky Family

Gerald Everett Jones

Your entire family will laugh hysterically while reading Christmas Karma by Gerald Everett Jones. The perfect stocking stuffer, Christmas Karma follows the travails

of a peculiar, eccentric family through the narration of a witty, yet devious, guardian angel. Main character Willa Nawicki is bewildered by a series of curious karmic events that literally ring her doorbell during the frantic season, awakening years-old resentments and stimulating ever-more-intense personal confrontations.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or any holiday that brings loved ones together, your family will be able to relate to this cast of dysfunctional characters.

“The surest way to invoke the laughter of the universe is to make plans, particularly devious ones.”



A Book for the Spiritualist

Michael Priv

You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook by Michael Priv  is the guide to energy healing. Priv shares his esoteric knowledge and proven techniques to help open up our deeper psychic abilities. For the healer on your holiday gift list, this ultimate guide will shed light on capabilities they may have imagined, perceived or dreamed, but never experienced or used. Now they can.

Paramount is Priv’s extensive experience in the area of psychic healing. This guide is the culmination of thirty years of research into the depths of many different religions, faiths, dangerous gangs, and spiritual groups. This long journey has unlocked secrets finally compiled together in one place for the first time. Give the profound gift of enlightenment through spiritual power.




A Book for the RomCom Lover

Laurie Finkelstein

Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein is a romantic comedy with a twist. In this fun, sarcastic novel, main character Janie Weiss lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. After a tragic and devastating loss, she is haphazardly thrown back in contact with a former therapist.

Humor is the best medicine, and Next Therapist Please breaks the stigma of mental illness one laugh at a time. It doesn’t hurt that

the author is a truly gifted comedic writer with a deep understanding of her subject. Readers living with mental illness, or those who wish to gain insight to those struggles, will appreciate this fun yet relatable tale.



A Book for the Steampunker

Laurel Anne Hill

Kirkus Reviews listed The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill as one of the top six Indie teen and top 100 overall Indie titles of 2017. Engine Woman’s Light is a hit with young adult readers everywhere. This captivating novel blends modern-day issues with old-timey characters, steampunk with ghosts, and Hispanic culture with Native American lore.


Juanita is destined since birth to be a savior, but her mission is morally complicated. Her ancestral guides from beyond the grave help her on her path. This family tree is complicated, and these spirits may not be as loyal as Juanita believes. Make sure this up-and-coming book is on your gift list.



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