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The Books That Make You Holiday Book Gift Guide

If you listen carefully, you can hear the Christmas music playing in stores. You might notice your neighbors have decorated their homes with sparking lights. Kids are being especially well behaved, because SANTA is watching! It’s the time of the year where shopping becomes mandatory, presents are shared, and joy is spread. The holidays always seem to sneak up on me, but I’m here to help you prepare this year with the Books That Make You Holiday Book Gift Guide. Get your shopping done so you can bake some cookies, curl up with a book and drink a big mug of hot cocoa.


For the Business Savvy Person on your list – Billions at Play


The hot topic of our time is energy. How can the world continue to supply energy to an ever-increasing population? Will we run out of gas and oil? Can the environment sustain our consumption? These are issues that aren’t going away, and must be addressed. NJ Ayuk has the answer and it’s going to change the course of history. Order a copy of Billions at Play this holiday season.


For the Teenager – The Last of Will

Do you have the world’s snarkiest teenager to shop for this year? It’s hard to shop for someone who will roll their eyes at everything, but we have the perfect book. The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko follows the wittiest, most sarcastic teenager, Greer. Greer and her father have quite the unusual task – they have to transport the ashes of a complete stranger. A hilarious road trip ensues. Told through the eyes of a very amusing young lady, your moody teenager will actually enjoy this holiday book gift.


For the Mystery fanatic – Monster on the Moors


Fans of the Bobby Holmes Mystery series compare it to Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and Sherlock Holmes. If you have someone on your list that is a fan of mystery or adventure with a hint of horror, this is the perfect gift. Monster on the Moors is the 2nd book in the series, the first book is The Lost Treasure. The series follows four young teenagers who solve deadly mysteries. Order a copy of the books for a great holiday book gift.


For the Sci-Fi and Old Western Enthusiast – Straight Outta Tombstone

This collection of stories is unlike any you’ve seen before. Top authors each contribute their own old western tale, but the stories all have a different twist. This genre-bending collection is a fun read from start to finish. Readers everywhere are singing its praise, so don’t miss out, grab a copy!


For Someone Who Loves to be Inspired – This Ain’t My Life


Get inspired this holiday season with This Ain’t My Life. Author Bilal Alaji tells all in this heartbreaking memoir. Alaji grew up Muslim, with many challenges and obstacles. But, through his faith and perseverance, Alaji refuses to let the sum of his struggles define him. He declares, “This Ain’t My Life” and changes his reality. A fantastic holiday book gift this year for anyone on your list.


For the Romantic Fantasy Lover- The Tracker Hive Academy


The first book in the series, The Tracker Hive Academy is an adventure fantasy novel packed with romance, drama, and an amazingly strong female lead character. In this fantasy world, Jade Storm has magical powers and starts her first year at a new academy for the gifted. While there, she meets quadruplets that make life a bit more complicated than it already is. This Academy Romance will have the reader begging for more. Make sure you order a copy for the book lover on your holiday gift list.


For the Horror enthusiast – A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters


If you have someone on your list who, despite the holiday cheer, can’t get enough of spooky, terrifying books, you’ll have to give them a copy of A Wistful Tale. This novel chills you to the bone and makes it very difficult to sleep at night without a nightlight. The sleepy town of Brunswick has a very dark secret that the residents have been hiding for generations. Young teenage girls, innocent babies, and curious tourists are not safe in this small town full of evil. Make sure you grab a copy for your horror lover his holiday.


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