Monetize your books and online courses with Parchelle Tashi of The Author’s Leverage

Books That Make You Want to Develop an Online Course

Online courses and workshops are a way we can share our knowledge and expertise with others. Using books as a foundation, authors can further establish their brand. They can also monetize those books and reach a broader audience in need of their teachings.
Parchelle Tashi does just that. She is an award-winning creative educator who partners with authors to help them repurpose and monetize their bestselling books as premium and profitable online courses that create impact, and generate additional revenue.
A former high school teacher, Tashi has since become an award-winning video professional, with a master’s in education and curriculum design. She’s created hundreds of videos, launched courses, podcasts, YouTube channels, and digital products for clients. She also founded The Author’s Leverage, which is today’s premium partner in education and creative media, and which aims to clarify—and simplify—the process of book-into-platform.


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