The 5 Pillars of Every Successful Company: from the Idea to the Execution

Anyone can start a company that changes the world

Do you have an idea and are you thinking of bringing it to reality? Are you considering starting a company? A start-up? Or maybe you already have a company and are looking for help to grow it? Then this Expert Track is for you! We will teach you everything you need to know in order to launch and grow your company.

The most common mistake when starting a business is to jump into the pool without really knowing what you are facing. It is true that there is nothing like practice to learn. However, why make mistakes that you could avoid? You’re not the first to embark on this risky, yet incredibly rewarding path of entrepreneurship.

Expert Track

So why not learn from those who have already been there? You can save yourself a lot of headaches, time, and above all money. In this Expert Track we have gathered the experience of 10 years of company creation: more than 50 technology-based companies created and launched in the United States and Latin America. All our learning.

The mistakes we have seen and made, the good and bad of being an entrepreneur, in a program of 5 courses in which we will cover everything you need to know to launch yourself safely in the creation of your company. Our methodology is very pragmatic.

What is your purpose as an entrepreneur?

1. What is your purpose as an entrepreneur? 2. What do you need to achieve it? 3. What do you already have? 4. How to get what you lack? We will see all this step by step, with recorded classes and online tools that will help you download the theory to the real case of your company . The Expert Track is structured in 5 courses, corresponding to the 5 pillars that every venture, regardless of industry or location, needs to have:

  • Vision. How to define and validate a business opportunity, and define the bases for its exponential growth
  • Product. How to conceptualize, validate and iterate your product or service
  • Execution. The art of experimentation; how to use resources and structure your team
  • Increase. Turn user experience into measurable, viewable, and “actionable” data
  • Capital. How to define a capital raising strategy

Unleash your potential, learn to think big, and get ready to leap into action with this Expert Track!

Experience required

No prior knowledge is necessary. Students who have already taken the Exponential Companies: Getting Started course will already be familiar with our methodology for creating exponential companies and will find much more extensive and in-depth content here, as well as tools to facilitate its implementation.

Getting started

The Expert Track of “The 5 pillars of every successful company: from idea to execution” is designed for entrepreneurs who want to put their ideas into practice, learn to mitigate risks and define strategies for the exponential growth of their businesses. Every venture, no matter the type of business or industry, is based on 5 pillars: vision, product, execution, growth, and capital. In this course we will explain everything you need to know about each of them, and how to use them so that your company has the exponential success that you deserve.

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