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Tears of Change: Your Journey Through Life’s Everyday Emotions

“Tears flow into words

Words flow into poetry

Poetry flows into music

Music forms a song


What a wonderful gift

Allowing one’s heart to dance.”


It was indeed a wonderful gift, reveals the author, Debbie Monteggia. This excerpt from the first poem inspired her to write the book “Tears of Change.” Debbie turned her struggle with anxiety into an opportunity to live an authentic life and pursue her passion for writing. Poetry enabled her to reach the deeper places in the heart, find love, gratitude, and expression through emotions. And Debbie hopes you do too.


Tears of Change book cover“Tears of Change” can help you tap into your deepest feelings and uncover opportunities for your personal growth. You’ll discover your gifts, learn to honor your emotions, and turn around some of the most challenging times in your journey. Make real change and progress.


Each poem in the book is unique and takes you on a cathartic journey through life’s everyday feelings—a full range of emotions – sorrow, acceptance, loss, renewal, pain, and joy. And, you know why? Because it’s emerged from the author’s own tears of sadness and despair, and subsequently through happiness, grace, gratitude, and, in the end, the finding of God’s love.


As a mother, many of Debbie’s poems are inspired by her children. “I must say, motherhood has and still is my truest and dearest passion in life. Raising my children and watching them grow into beautiful young adults has been very rewarding. It remains the deepest treasure in my heart. They have been wonderful teachers, and many of my poem inspirations derived from them.” Here’s the Books That Make You podcast with Debbie, where we discussed her muse and motivation for the book.


“Tears of Change” is a collection of poems filled with heartfelt messages and beautiful illustrations which are bound to find a permanent and cherished home in your heart. Are you ready to spend some one-on-one time with your heart? Order your copy of Debbie Monteggia’s “Tears of Change” today.

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