An Inclusive World with Rebecca Inch-Partridge, author of Escaping the Dashia

https://youtu.be/_THYlwAOIcc Books That Make You Undergo a (More Inclusive) Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure A lifelong author, Rebecca Inch-Partridge grew up writing stories about The Bionic Woman meeting Captain Kirk. Her first novel, Escaping the Dashia, is a YA science fantasy, published by Black Rose Writing. The book tells the story of young telepath Twyla, … Read more

Award-Winning Author Laurel Anne Hill is Back with a New YA Historical Fantasy

Article image of Laurel Anne Hill's new YA Historical Fantasy

Who doesn’t like a good historical fantasy? And if it’s by an award-winning author like Laurel Anne Hill, it’s bound to sweep you off your feet. You may remember Laurel’s prize-winning novel, The Engine Woman’s Light. She received over thirteen awards and honors, including a Kirkus Star and the Kirkus Top 100 Indie Books recognition. … Read more

AmyLea Murphy Uncovers the Dark Truth of Seemingly Fine Teenager’s Life

Can you relate to feeling the pressure to be someone you’re not? Author AmyLea Murphy explores what’s hiding behind a mask through the eyes of a teenager in her upcoming novel Fine. In this interview, we ask AmyLea what makes her so passionate about this topic and get some inside scoop of her soon-to-be popular … Read more

The Tracker Hive Academy is Hot Hot Hot!

Tracker Hive Featured Image

Avery Song has written a series of books that is exploding in the book loving community. This sci-fi, romantic fantasy is gaining popularity. The Tracker Hive Series is full of magic, sass, passion, and drama. We wanted to find out more:   Can You Tell Us About The Tracker Hive from Your Point Of View?   … Read more