Survive A Dystopian Future in Susy Smith’s Asylum Series, Asylum and the 2nd Book Ascendant

Books That Make You Imagine an America Where Society Has Crumbled

How would you survive if you had to fend for yourself? Do you know how to grow crops? Purify water? Protect the ones you love at all costs?

Dystopian author Susy Smith explores these questions in her dark and gripping book series “Asylum,” in which a young woman must learn to live off the land on the family farm. That is, until the ugliest side of human nature shows up at her door, forcing her to fight for herself, and for freedom.

Out now is Ascendant, the second book in the “Asylum” series, which continues the harrowing adventure.

Susy lives in a small Oklahoma town, where she is the curriculum specialist of the Kanza Tribe. She weaves her knowledge and experience into her writing, giving her series a unique and compelling level of authenticity.

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