Summer Book List 2022

Summer book list 2022, from sunny romances to the most gripping adventures and memoirs.

As Jeannette Walls once said, ‘One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.’

We’ve carefully curated our list of the greatest novels to take with you to the beach, whether summer 2022 is all about weekend getaways, long relaxing weeks spent outside, or extending your wings and exploring somewhere far away. Here are the top summer books of 2022 to add to your packing list:


Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles And Lots And Lots Of Noodles by Steven Joseph

For parents in search of a book that will engage you and your kid, and give you both some great beach fun, look no further. Known for his fun and entertaining style, author Steven Joseph is treating us with a new release next year. This hilarious and touching new book will make kids and parents laugh out loud. Grab your copy on Amazon here.


Project Adventure Box Set by David Konrad

If you can’t get away from it all in a literal sense, escape into the page!Filled with exhilarating adventures and detective stories, this box set contains the first four books of the Project Adventure series, and is guaranteed to hook young readers. Together, they weave a  story of friendship, courage and life lessons, with lots of depth and personality. Buy now on Amazon.


Always a Princess book coverAlways A Princess by Clyve Rose

If you like your summer reads with a large helping of romance, try this one. If you are still on Bridgerton withdrawal, then try this Regency with a gorgeous, slow-burn love story between a Romani princess and an Englishman. This is a unique, sweet, and engrossing debut with a powerful leading woman and an endearing lesson in the grace of both cultures. Get it on Amazon.



The Path 365 book coverThe Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others by Suzie Newell

As women, summers can be the perfect opportunity to take some time for ourselves, and this great self-help book makes an inspiring summer read. Based on the author’s research as a doctor specializing in coping mechanisms for women, The Path 365 demystifies the concepts of mind, body, and spirit, and allows you to create a path uniquely your own. It is a down-to-earth approach to reclaiming health from the inside-out. Find a copy on Amazon now.


Race For WhatRace for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within by JD Mass

If you’re looking to better yourself this summer by learning more about real world issues , check this one out—a book thatencourages white people to work through the emotional and psychological obstacles to heal the harm racism has caused. Part memoir, part how-to, and entirely real, the author takes readers back in time to St. Louis in the 80s and 90s, when he grew up with a circle of creative friends and influences that included rap icon Nelly. Today, JD’s message to white people is to open your hearts and minds and ask: what are we racing for? Order you copy on Amazon now.


From The Potato To Star Trek And Beyond by Chester L. Richards

Looking for a great and funny story to help you escape it all this summer? Then find out what happens when your life takes you from escaping “the Great Potato” to writing a famous Star Trek episode, to becoming a rocket scientist. Chet Richards can tell you. A man of adventure, he reveals stories from a life well-lived and the lessons that we can all appreciate in his memoir, From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond, Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist. Pre-order your copy on Amazon.



Antonio, We Know You by Antonio Salazar

The beach is the perfect place to become engrossed in a long book, to allow yourself to be transported.. Antonio, We Know You follows the life of a migrant farmworker kidnapped at age four, then trafficked through age ten at a famous California ranch before being saved from an attempted suicide and taken under Cesar Chavez’s wing. After 24 years, Antonio eventually graduated from law school and found the strength and resilience to be reunited with his long-lost family. In telling his story, Antonio aims to offer hope in desperate circumstances. He shares the legacy of his family, and reflects on the dignity and sacrifices of their difficult Chicano life. Coming soon, pre-order your copy now.


Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers by Beatrice Adenodi

Looking to broaden your views  and free your mind this summer? Then get this next book for your next beach trip. Discover an educational and motivational resource to help change the way you perceive your circumstances. Author Beatirce Adenodi guides readers by shedding light on our Mindless Behaviors. Learn how to combat the typical negative, reactive cycles of human behavior with effective communication. Tap into your unconscious biases, and activate your potential with this life-changing book. Grab a copy now on Amazon.


Leading the Lost Boys: The Untold Journey by Paulino Mamiir Chol

If you feel like you need a non-fiction book to ground you on those long summer beach days, check out this memoir from Paulino Mamiir Chol, who at the age of seven, was kidnapped by the Murahalin, the Sudanese militia, and separated from his family. Along with 30,000 other Lost Boys, Paulino was later forced to survive in an Ethiopian refugee camp. Refusing to remain a victim, he instead became a leader. Now living and pursuing his Ph.D in the US, Chol fights to this day for the people in Southern Sudan. Check it out on Amazon.


Rocky Mountain Rush by Virginia Fox

And if you are still not sure that your TBR is long enough, no need to worry: Rocky Mountain Rush, a new German series by Virginia Fox, is coming soon to the US. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of great upcoming books.



Throw down your towel and grab your cold drinks, because this summer book list is going to be incredible.  We hope you will find our recommendations at least once in your beachbag, because these amazing stories will make your holiday unforgettable.


For more summer book fun, join our Beach Bound Book Bash online event, happening online for free June 11. Follow our Facebook group for more information.

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