Improve your wellbeing and save the planet with Stuart Waldner, author of Escape the Meatrix

Books That Make You Take the Red Pill—And Escape the Meatrix

Do you eat meat? Animal products? Do you sometimes think about the cost of consuming animals? No, not the price of the steak at the supermarket, but the toll it takes on our planet? The environment? How it affects our health, and even our happiness?
What if someone told you that big corporations, factory farms, lobbyists and politicians were on a mission to lull you into compliance? What if you were offered the red pill?
Stuart Waldner is here with just such a pill.
In his eye-opening book, Escape the Meatrix, Stuart chronicles his battle against climate change as he exposes the real reason veggies are more expensive than a burger (it’s not what you think); the shocking list of diseases that a plant-based lifestyle can slow, prevent, or even cure; and how America’s declining health is linked directly to corporate profit. Mentally, medically and ecologically, we are hurtling ourselves toward the cliff.
Though Stuart didn’t set out to be an environmental food activist, after successfully transitioning to a plant-based diet in 2008, and feeling much better physically, he set out to uncover the statistical connections between our food-based lifestyle choices and the worldwide crises we’re facing. The message of Escape the Meatrix is an essential wake-up call for those willing to face the grim (but not insurmountable) facts.


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