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Step into the World of Kevin Groh: Avid Gamer, Dreamer & Bestselling Author

“The Commander: Guardian of Utopia” by Kevin Groh hit the US market and ranked No. 1 Bestseller in Genetic Engineering Science Fiction and No. 2 in Space Marine Science Fiction! You’d expect no less when it is based on high ethics, captivating characters, and compelling stories. Kevin is inspired by the world of gaming, which he believes drives his morals and inspires his creativity. If there is one thing you should know about him, it is this – He is the writer and creator of the Omni Legends book series, crazy-successful in his home country of Germany.

The Omni Legends book series includes the best-selling subseries, “The Commander,” “The Black Wanderer,” and “The Shadow Guard.” Kevin was an Amazon Kindle Select All-Star in sales every month from August to December in 2019. The first book in the series, called The Commander, released in the United States on January 5, 2021. It’s here to entertain you like a superhero blockbuster and empower you to raise questions about our evolution as a species.

Welcome to Utopia

As you start reading the book, you enter a period where Utopia is the second home base of humanity for a few centuries. The planet evolves as humans start inhabiting it to reflect changes inflicted by their presence. You’d be surprised, but despite making incredible technological growth and establishing contact with aliens, humanity remains unchanged. It is filled with as much corruption and poverty as we have in our present-day society. Meanwhile, the military and corporations govern the world and are at constant war with the advanced alien races.

Changing the Rules of the Game 

book cover of The CommanderThe hero of the story, 18-year-old Carter Sanders, appears promising. He comes from a privileged background but is a bright lad with a strong moral compass and likes to question things. Carter is forced to join the military but realizes that he enjoys being a warrior. At the boot camp, he is immediately put to task. Carter is required to exercise his intellect, survival skills, and ability to build allies among his fellow-recruits who resent his privilege. He undergoes training in weaponry, close-range combats, strategy and is sent on missions to test his bravery. The female trainees test Carter’s ethics in close settings. While all the challenges may not be easy, he wants to do his best.

It is not until the bionic upgrades for soldiers become mandatory when Carter feels he needs to take a stand. Will he and his fellow-recruits be successful in upholding morale? Will the decision-makers hear their voices? Will they survive sergeant Banes’ merciless drills and the battle with giant creatures in unknown worlds? You’ll have to find out.

Kevin says, “I want readers to question things in their lives and gain more awareness. Empower them to keep on fighting for their dreams and make the best of every situation, for it will make them stronger.” If you love young adult and new adult science fiction with a strong underlying message, you’ll love “The Commander.” Now available on Amazon.

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