Stay Connected During Social Distancing by Reading

Are you missing your friends and family while stuck inside due to covid19? Lots of people are desperate to reconnect with the world in this time of isolation. We have a perfect enjoyable activity everyone can do together to stay in touch, read! Reading can be a great communal activity that everyone can enjoy together. Here’s how to read with others and stay connected to the world:

Attend Online Book Events

Most book events scheduled for the next few months have been cancelled or postponed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t attend online book events. An exciting event coming up with the LA Book Fest, which is hosted completely online. Chat with authors, win prizes and more at this online event. Join online book parties and events to meet new authors, friends, and have fun, all in the comfort of your own home.

Read books with friends or family

If you’re friends are avid reads as well, coordinate a book everyone can read together, much like a book club, read these books at the same time, then discuss them together. If you’re in separate homes, you can face-time or discuss on the phone.  This is a fun way to stay connected with friends while experiencing the same entertainment together. Chat with your loved ones about interesting books instead of the same old news.

Enter online book giveaways

There is nothing more exciting than winning a giveaway! Sign up for book giveaways and send them to friends and family to enter as well. Most book giveaways are easy to sign up for, free to enter, and a thrill to win. Plus, there’s a great chance you’ll win new books to read and fun prizes, its a win/win situation!

Write book reviews

Share your opinion on the latest book you read with the world by writing and posting book reviews. This keeps you connected to people by giving your views and thoughts on your favorite books then reading what others have to say. Writing a book review is a fun way to give your opinion to others and help share your love of reading with your community.

Join an online book club

An easy way to enjoy books with others is to join a book club. For now, you can join an online book club, or a book club Facebook group that reads, discusses and posts about books that everyone is reading. This is a great way to socialize with others while remaining at home. Discover new books, meet new friends and socialize by joining  an online book club.



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