Start the New Year with New Books

Make your New Year’s resolution worthwhile by setting a goal worth achieving. It’s the perfect opportunity to enrich your mind, body and spirit in order to become a fulfilled individual. Start the New Year off with these new books.

The following books are written by experts and enthusiasts in various fields. The stories contained within these pages are bound to help you achieve your resolutions and bring you joy in 2019.


Revitalize Your Spiritual Self

Your spiritual journey starts with a deep examination of your identity.

Author Sue Hannibal is an Intuitive Behaviorist®, gifted clairvoyant and holistic trauma therapist. She guides readers to self-heal at the roots of their emotional trauma. Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away shows a path to emotional and spiritual well-being on which you can begin journeying today — or resume your journey.

This body/mind/spirit handbook will resonate deeply with you if change, a.k.a. healing, eludes you despite therapy, trainers and diets. “If weight loss is on the New Year’s menu again, maybe you’re shadowboxing with childhood trauma because ‘it’s not safe to be small– just like before.’  If self-sabotage stalks you, is it shame whispering ‘you’re not good enough?’” Sue Hannibal writes.

True case histories and 38 channeled essays in this compelling book illuminate the timeline of consciousness from past-lives to the womb and beyond.”

Take this journey of self-assessment and profound healing. Identify your voice, find your inner power, and start down your path to finding inner peace. Discover the root of your panic attacks, phobias and emotional patterns. Learn to read your energy and intuition. Most importantly, renew your mind, body and spirit.


Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

Everyone is capable of healing powers and psychic abilities, but few will ever learn the secrets that enable them to harness these capabilities. In the new year, you can become one of the select few enlightened enough to use the powers all human beings contain inside.

Author Michael Priv created the handbook, You Are A Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook to help you unleash your psychic aptitudes. Learn to use your own psychic powers to heal yourself and others. Priv emphasizes practicing with mental and emotional drills.

Practice makes perfect. With The Healer’s Handbook, you can hone your inner powers that have been suppressed for too long.


Find Humor in Adversity

Face 2019 with a smile, a laugh and a helpful outlook.

Next Therapist Please is more than a romantic comedy, it’s a reminder that no matter how tough life may get or how many challenges we face, you can find comfort in the simple joy of a hearty laugh.

Author Laurie Finkelstein uses light-hearted comedy in her novel to empower and support those facing mental illness. The stigma melts away as the reader is engulfed in a hilarious yet relatable story about the ups and downs of a life affected by mental illness.

Find enjoyment and laughter in the new year with Next Therapist Please.


Live a Life Full of Joy

It’s a simple enough expectation – to live your life with joy and happiness. However, everyday hardships can bear down on you and hinder your bliss.

The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World answers the burning question: how to live a life brimming with joy. The world’s top two spiritual influencers, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, share their wisdom, stories, and practices.

Find your inner joy in 2019. You deserve to be happy.




Discover Adventure

Make this the year you find your true calling.

The Engine Woman’s Light follows a young girl as she discovers her destiny. Juanita has been destined since birth to bring salvation to helpless people on a train to misery. When she sees a vision, it’s up to her to save and protect her fellow outcasts. How does she go about doing it? The Engine Woman’s Light is an inspiration to face your fears and stand firm in your beliefs.

Inspire yourself to take chances, find adventure and help others in the new year.




Aspire To Greatness

This can be the year you achieve the incredible.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama, takes a look at the life of the former first lady of the United States of America. Obama tells her story, from her humble beginnings to becoming a household name. She held one of the most powerful and influential positions in the world while advocating for women and children. Consequently, she became immensely popular; Becoming is already the top-selling book in the world this year.

Find inspiration in Becoming and reach your full potential in the new year.



Ponder the Not-So-Pleasant Possibilities

As hopeful and optimistic as we hope to be in the upcoming year, there is the unfortunate chance happy endings are not on our horizon. Explore the possible dystopian future for America in Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls by Debra Tash.

A totalitarian dictatorship has taken over the land of the free. The only approved occupation is factory work. The population is forced into cities that are full to the brim. To live outside the city means starvation and death.

Is it time for a revolution? Find out while reading Last Call.

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