Spectris, by Quinn Coleridge – you’ll stay up all night to finish it!

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This book takes place in the late 1800s and holds elements of paranormal, mystery, romance, drama, and humor. Seriously, this is now becoming one of my favorite series!

I loved the first book, Veritas, and Spectris doesn’t disappoint! Hester is back with her fantastic, feisty narrative, along with the spectacular Doctor Kelly.

In addition to these great characters, we see a lot more of Sir Death. I gotta say, his appearances in this story just made everything so much more entertaining!

The mystery in this book hits closer to home for Hester and she is up to the task of putting the ghosts to rest, yet again. Quinn Coleridge has a talent to make me experience missing time. I’m so engaged in her story that I have suddenly lost hours when I pull myself out. I stayed up all night to finish this book, and it was totally worth it! It has a haunting, gothic tone along with the period’s language mixed with Hester’s strong character and snarky thoughts. It’s the perfect combination to keep me entertained while trying to figure out the mystery. Can’t wait for the next one!


“Demigoddess Hester Grayson’s own soul is at stake when she works with the dead. Either they cross over to the spirit world in a timely fashion or become hideous wraiths doomed to haunt her forever.

After a bombing at a Stonehenge lace factory, Hester is surrounded by more spirits than ever before. Spectris everywhere, with only Sir Death to call upon for help. Undaunted, Hester investigates and discovers that her dear friend’s betrothed, Isaac Baker, is implicated in the crime.

Intent on clearing Isaac’s name, Hester encounters opposition when local coppers prove corrupt, and Sir Death disappears upon the arrival of a mysterious circus. Will Hester succeed in freeing her ghosts and an innocent man? Or will she have hell to pay for failing them?”

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