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Sneak Peek at the LA Festival of Books Lineup

This year the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will showcase many talented authors from all over the world. It is the largest books and storytelling event in America. It started in 1996 and is now world renowned. Writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, musicians and emerging authors all gather to celebrate literary culture.

Here is a first look at the Books That Make You lineup of premiering authors and their books.


Susan Shofer

Susan Shofer will appear at the LA Festival of Books to with her soon to be released released book, Divorce Recovery Ladder Guidebook – Attorneys. Her guidebook serves as an informative workbook and tool to help readers through the messy divorce process and beyond.



Konni Granma

Konni Granma’s recent novel, The Lonely Hearts Bar, will make its debut at the Festival of Books. Readers, grab your copy of this one-of-a-kind novel meets screenplay story.





Laurie Finkelstein

Author Laurie Finkelstein attends the LA Festival of Books with a fan favorite title, Next Therapist Please. Laurie hopes her novel helps others with mental illness find comfort in comradery.




Barbara Morriss

Barbara Morriss will give us a sneak peek at her soon to be released novel, A Promise in Autumn. Readers, take home exclusive advanced copies of the historic romance novel.




Laurel Anne Hill

The award-winning novel, The Engine Woman’s Light is featured at the festival with author Laurel Anne Hill available for autographs. Readers and reviewers can’t get enough of this young adult steam punk adventure.




Naomi Brett Rourke

Contributor, Naomi Brett Rourke showcases Straight Out of Tombstone at the LA Fest. Straight out of Tombstone is a collection of seven stories that breathe new life into the dusty old west.




Mark J. Rose

Mark J. Rose launches his newest book, Virginian, the third installment in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. Fans of the sci-fi meet’s history novels are thrilled to see what happens next.




Dr. Ken Best

Celebrity chiropractor, Dr. Ken Best shares his methods and advice at the LA Festival of Books. He shared tips from his book, 11 Steps to Face Life’s Challenges.




Yanique Beliard-Michel

Soon to be released memoir, Unique in America by Yanique Beliard-Michel will be available at the Los Angeles Festival of Books. Yanique’s story of immigrating to the U.S is captivating readers everywhere.




Debra Tash

Debra Tash attends the festival with her dystopian novel, Last Call America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls. This highly rated novel is a Books That Make You favorite.




Tara Botel Doherty

Author Tara Botel Doherty will attend the LA Festival of Books and participate in interviews and book signings. She gives readers a exclusive first look into her not-yet-released novel Growing Up Hollywood.




Robert Yehling

Robert Yehling, author of Voices joins us at The LA Festival of Books. Voices is a father-daughter-lost daughter relationship story set to 50 years of rock & roll. “Reminds me of a great musical time.” — the late Marty Balin, Jefferson Airplane.





A.G. Billig

The talented author A.G. Billing will make an appearance with her book, I Choose Love: A Journey from Fear to Love. Helping people everywhere discover the secret to finding happiness and true love.





Jenna Busch

Fans of superheroes and comic books can’t get enough of Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing the Truth. Contributor, Jenna Busch shared this powerful psychologic book on the history and creation of the pop culture icon, Wonder Woman.





Mike Robinson

Dreamshores, by Mike Robinson is a nail-biting, fantasy novel filled with twists and surprises. Interviewers and readers alike are enthralled with the plot of Dreamshores.

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