Sheryl Benko: From Filmmaker and Post Film Supervisor to Award-Winning Author

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Before her recent debut as an author, Sheryl Benko had already experienced success in writing and entertainment. It might be even safe to say that it may have helped her transition to novel writing less difficult. The established writer is also a Post Production Supervisor and filmmaker. She has worked on big box office hits, such as the “Inglorious Bastards,” “Thor,” “Titanic,” and many others.

Sheryl’s career in film began on the set of the popular Western movie, “Tombstone” (1993), where she worked as a Production Assistant. As a filmmaker, she has directed and produced short films. The screenplay writer has worked on thirty-plus films. 


Using Natural Humor to Write Fiction and Connect With Others

Sheryl Benko is the author of the humor novel, The Last of Will. Benko uses humor and sarcasm in this novel, which comes as no surprise as the author seems to have great energy and natural talent in making others laugh. In a recent interview with DISHH, she displayed her down-to-earth spirit and her humorous side that others are frequently drawn to.

When the author is asked:  What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world? 

She responds:  “I have a few stuffed animals—the soft, plushy kind – not taxidermy.  And I occasionally talk to them.  By the way, any adult who tells you they don’t have at least one stuffed animal is probably lying.  And if they have more than one stuffed animal, they definitely talk to them.” 

Where Sheryl’s Love of Writing Comes From

Some authors naturally pick up their love of writing on their own, while others were influenced and inspired by someone who they adore. In Sheryl’s case, that person was her grandmother: 

“She was always writing poems and short stories.  She was so creative and could come up with the most engaging rhymes and prose.  She was always entering writing contests, and often won!  Her dedication to craft always makes me want to work harder and keep striving to find the most entertaining, eloquent way to tell a story.  Whenever I “feel” my Grandma while I’m writing, I know she’ll point me in the right direction.” 

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Sheryl Benko

The Outlook for The Last of Will

Benko is now an award-winning author. The Last of Will earned the author an IRWIN Award for Best Coming of Age Novel.  She is currently adapting The Last of Will into a screenplay and feels that her main characters Greer and Will, deserve a movie about their road trip. 

 The Last of Will is a story that celebrates life, with all of its absurdities and challenges, and the strange, hilarious, wrenching, magical and unexpected journeys that fate compels along the way.”


Listen to the Books That Make You Podcast with Sheryl for more on her writing journey.

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