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Schools Back In Session – Books for Parents

The school year is finally here. That means a quiet house and a much-needed break from the summer madness. After a long summer with a house full of kids, endless activities, and maybe one too many days in the sweltering sun, it’s time to finally have some “me time”. Once your school shopping for the kiddos is finished, make sure you grab yourself a book or two. As soon as the house is empty you will finally be able to finish that cup of coffee while turning through the pages of a new book. Now that Schools back in session we have the books for parents to enjoy.


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Growing Up Hollywood by Tara Botel Doherty

As the yellow school bus carrying your children fades away into the distance, sit down to read the fascinating story of two young sisters growing up on the creepy streets of Hollywood. It’s the 1970’s, and the two girls  are left to their own devices as their parents edge towards divorce. They struggle to make sense out of the chaos of their lives against the backdrop of a historic time in Hollywood history. This is Hollywood before gentrification and big business development. This is the golden age. Watch the drama unfold while taking a trip down memory lane with Growing Up Hollywood.





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The Divorce Recovery Ladder by Susan Shofer

Is divorce on the horizon for you and your spouse? Make sure you’re prepared and pick up a copy of The Divorce Recovery Ladder by Susan Shofer. This guidebook teaches the fundamentals of surviving a divorce while keeping your relationships with your children intact. Rise above the petty behavior and learn exactly how to behave in court with this one-of-a-kind learning tool.







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Straight Outta Tombstone with contributor Naomi Brett Rourke

This collection of seventeen short stories breathes new life into old western tales. These tales keep it interesting by putting a sci-fi twist on old western tales. You’ll never look at ghosts, demons, or even aliens the same! Grab your cowboy boots and your bug repellent for The Coyote, one the most exciting stories in the collection. Straight Outta Tombstone will have you saying YeeHaw!







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Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein

It’s time for some adult time. Sit down with a cocktail and relate to Next Therapist Please on a personal level. Janie is recovering from tragedy when she bumps into her former therapist. We’re along for the hilarious ride as she recounts her last seven therapists. Janie doesn’t let her OCD, anxiety or depression stop her from living her best life.







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The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko

Grab a copy for you and your eye-rolling teen and enjoy this hilarious read together. Follow the witty and sarcastic Greer as she tags along with her dad on a road trip to remember. With one last hoorah, finish summer off with a stranded van, a clown, a disco-dancing nerd, a rodeo, and a belligerent dwarf in The Last of Will.







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The Engine Woman’s Light

This steampunk adventure is great for adults and teens alike. Juanita was destined at birth to save the “undesirables”. Follow along as she discovers her roots, speaks to her long-deceased ancestors, and figures out her destiny. Visit an alternate nineteenth century California, where spirits guide the living from beyond the grave in The Engine Woman’s Light.






So grab a couple books from Schools Back in Session Books for Parents list, sit back and enjoy. Just don’t get so lost in your new book you forget to pick the kids up at the end of the day. Maybe, set an alarm…

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