Find A Life of Peace, and Joy with Sarah Vie, Author of I Wish I’d Known

Books That Make You Embark on a Transformational Journey

We struggle to find answers and meaning. Being able to relinquish the traumas of the past and manifest a life of peace, joy and abundance often sounds easier than it is. But reading about someone else’s journey can often help guide us on our own.
In her groundbreaking new book, “I Wish I’d Known”, Sarah Vie uses wisdom from her own lived experience to guide readers through a transformational journey. Each chapter begins with a story from Sarahs life about how she was able to release the traumas of her past and manifest a life of peace, joy and abundance.
After each inspiring story, Sarah’s readers are empowered with new tools to break the cycle of their own traumas, so that they can attract the abundant life they both desire and deserve. Readers will leave this book clear in their purpose, and confident in their ability to manifest wealth, love, happiness and, above all, meaning.


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