S:02 E:08 We’re talking about Books That Make You Excited for the LA BookFest!

KJ Matthews, Deborah Kobylt, and Desiree Duffy talk about Books That Make You get geared up for the LA BookFest!
Book festivals are the highlights of the year for book lovers around the world. Here in Los Angeles we always get excited for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books which is the largest book fest in the country, often drawing more than 150-thousand book lovers, book industry professionals, organizations, journalists, businesses, speakers and leaders. There is also the annual Beach Bound Book Bash of which Books That Make You helps present each year. The fifth annual literary tea, unfortunately, can’t happen now. In New York there is BookExpo and BookCon. Across the United States as well as the world ComicCons, pop culture conventions, writers conferences and other expos and fairs that feature books and stories and more are all either cancelled or postponed a considerable amount of time. What if I told you that people who crave this community, who want to come together in unity, still have that option?
The LA BookFest is that event. Saturday May 9th the event will live stream and feature panel discussions, conversations with authors, publishing industry experts, thought-leaders, activists, creatives, journalists and more. Plus, there will be author AMAs, videos of authors reading from their books, a huge bookish giveaway presented by Books That Make You, a music-infused after party, and of course, lots and lots of books. My guests today are a part of this momentous event.
KJ Matthews is an award-winning media and entertainment journalist and regular contributor to BBC News, DW News, and previously was with Extra News and CNN for more than a decade. She is also the founder of Traveler Confidential–an eco-luxury website for travelers.
Deborah Kobylt is an award-winning journalist as well. She is best known for her work on CNN, Fox11 LA, KCAL9 News, Turner Entertainment, and her successful podcast Deborah Kobylt Live and president of Kobylt Media.

KJ Matthews

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