100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions with author Ross Brand

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Livestream events like The BookFest, of which Books That Make You is a presenting sponsor, are becoming more and more popular. The pandemic pushed us into a digital landscape. We began embracing livestream events in order to maintain connections. That momentum is still strong.
Our guest, Ross Brand, helps creators and entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise. Over the past seven years, he’s worked with Emmy winners, Hall of Fame podcasters, and YouTube stars. He’s hosted shows for leading industry brands such as StreamYard, BeLive, and LiveU, and served as a brand ambassador for Wirecast.
Switcher Studio selected Ross as one of “5 Live Video Experts to Follow.” His digital media insights have been featured by Nasdaq, Psychology Today and Forbes.
Ross’ first book, 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions (2021), won seven book awards, including a BookFest Award, and reached #1 in 17 Amazon categories. Book two is coming soon.

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