Rocky Mountain Yoga Will be Available in the US

Rocky Mountain Yoga, Book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Romances series, introduces readers to Jasmine and her dog Rambo. This big city girl runs for her life with her standard poodle in tow after she discovers her boyfriend is involved in some shady business. Furthermore, she escapes to her grandma’s house in a small Colorado town. There, Jasmine discovers her vegetarian diet and yoga-loving lifestyle don’t quite fit in. While the nosy, but rather hunky, sheriff keeps poking his nose into her past, Jasmine begins to feel at home in ways she never could have imagined.


The First of Many Books in a Long Series

Virginia Fox's first book in her rocky mountain series
Rocky Mountain Yoga is the first book in the Rocky Mountain series.

The Rocky Mountain series earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and bestselling status in the European market in its original German language. The English language release kicks off with Rocky Mountain Yoga on November 15, 2022. It will be followed by Rocky Mountain Star and Rocky Mountain Dogs as a result. Releases will continue into 2023, 2024 and beyond.


With 30 books in the series, various characters and intertwining storylines mean never-ending adventures for fans of light, heart-warming reading.


Virginia Fox Creates a World Readers Can Escape to

Author of Rocky Mountain Yoga.
Virginia Fox is the author of Rocky Mountain Yoga.

An author, mother, horse trainer, and part-time healthy food cook are some of the few ways to describe Virginia Fox. In addition, she is a woman who cares deeply about family, animals, the environment, and friendships. Creative from a young age, she since turned her love of books into a prolific career as a writer. Her German-language Rocky Mountain series saw every volume enter the Top 50 of the Kindle charts on day one of launch. Consequently, the bestselling Rocky Mountain Romances series breaks onto the US scene.


Rocky Mountain Yoga is set in the Rocky Mountains with a cast of characters who feel like instant friends. Virginia captures the essence of a life most people only dream about in her romance series. The genre-skipping series features elements of sweet romance, dabs of suspense, a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of new friends – both human and of the furry variety.


Virginia Fox lives on a small ranch near Zurich with her family, her Australian cattle dog, and two moody tomcats. When she isn’t writing, she delights in caring for her horses and cooking for her family.

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