Book Review-Rocky Mountain Star (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2) by Virginia Fox


Bestselling author Virginia Fox returns with the delightfully cozy follow-up to her first Rock Mountain Romance book, Rock Mountain Star: Tyler + Pat. This time, we meet the “one and only” Tyler Carter, a successful Vegas ballerina performing for a resident show (think Cirque du Soleil) and enjoying all the glitz and glamour the lifestyle, and the city, can afford.


Minor tragedy strikes, however, when she injures her knee. Hoping to outrun any shame as well as the gloomy significance of this, Tyler returns to her family in theRocky Mountain Star small Rocky Mountain town of Independence, Colorado. As she rests, she tells herself she is going to get better. A deeper part of her, though, knows the truth: that her life on-stage may well be behind her.


Fortunately, she runs into a man named Patrick West, a hunky architect with whom she had a one-night stand the previous summer. Yet just as they pick up the spark they left off, someone begins menacing Tyler, stalking her and pulling her, Patrick and others into an ominous, even life-threatening mystery.


With skill and craft as light as the toes of a ballet dancer, Virginia Fox delivers another well-paced charmer, full of wit, personality, romance and intrigue. Her world is rich: descriptions come alive, even minor characters pop from the page, and her prose balances the inward life of her protagonist with the suitable momentum of the plot. Fans of the first book, and any reader seeking a cozy mystery for the holidays, will be pleased.


You can check out and pre-order Rocky Mountain Star (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2)  on Amazon.

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