Fall in love in the Rocky Mountains. Virginia Fox, author of Rocky Mountain Romances

Books That Make You Want to Run Away to a Small Rocky Mountain Town

Don’t we all love books that bring out the best in us? Something that makes you wish you could climb into the pages with the characters and share a cup of hot chocolate with them?
Such is what best-selling author Virginia Fox does with her “Rocky Mountain Romances” series. Virginia captures the essence of a life most people only dream about: sweet romances, a touch of suspense, and dabs of mystery that fill the pages of these books with a feeling of warmth and happiness. You won’t be able to resist curling up in front of a crackling fire with them, or maybe grabbing one to read on that next beach vacation. If that isn’t enough, as a bonus the series features delicious, healthy recipes.
Currently, Virginia lives on a small ranch near Zurich, with her family, her Australian cattle dog, and two moody tomcats. While she lives in Europe, the impression that the tight-knot communities in Colorado made on her continues to reverberate in her soul and her work.


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