Religious Texts Sell More Copies Than Any Other Genre of Books

Religious texts are the bestselling books
 in the world. The Bible and Quran sales figures dwarf all other bestsellers, with numbers even surpassing those of Harry Potter and his magic friends.

Religious texts are important because they provide a sense of community and hope; something many people need in their lives.

Bible and Quran sales figures dwarf all other bestsellers.

The Bible and Quran are the most translated texts in history. They have been printed more than any other books, and they hold the top two positions for best selling books of all time.

The Bible has been continuously published since its first edition was released over 1,600 years ago in 1456 B.C., when it was referred to simply as “the book.” Today there are over 2 billion copies sold every year with an estimated 200 million copies sold annually around the world alone–and even more if you include regional translations such as English-language Bibles sold outside North America!

Their popularity has remained constant throughout history.

Despite being centuries old, religious texts are also popular in the modern age. They are popular across all cultures and countries, and most religions have some sort of religious text that’s central to their belief system.

The Bible is one of the oldest texts still in print today, and has been translated into over 2,000 languages and dialects, making it the most published book ever. The Bible also holds the title of being the most read book in history, with billions of copies sold annually worldwide. There are more quotes and references from this one text than any other source–including Shakespeare!

The Bible has shaped society through its teachings of morality and ethics; it has influenced millions throughout history by encouraging people to do good deeds and live according to God’s wishes (or commandments).

Religious texts are popular even for non-religious people!

If you’re not a particularly religious person, it may be easy to dismiss religious texts as irrelevant or boring. But if you look past the religious aspects of these books, you’ll find that they are actually very interesting, beautiful and inspiring. These qualities make them relevant for everyone–even those who aren’t religious.

The Bible, Quran and other sacred scriptures have been around for centuries and have helped shape many different cultures around the world throughout history. They contain stories about life and death that are important for us all to read about at some point in our lives because they help us understand ourselves better by learning from others’ experiences through reading their words or listening to someone else tell them aloud.

You don’t have to be religious (or even spiritual) in order to appreciate the beauty of these texts or the wisdom they contain. There are so many great reasons why these books have been around for so long–and they’ll continue being popular long after we’re gone too.

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