Leadership with Randi Braun, Author Of Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work

Books That Make You Go From Burnt Out To a Leader Who Thrives

It’s becoming more and more crucial for women in the workplace to realize you need to stop playing by the old rules, and instead, use the new playbook for women at work.

Women are natural leaders, but they’re burnt out. Though they’ve been playing by the rules, they still don’t achieve the leadership roles they deserve. Now, with Randi Braun as their coach, they stand on the precipice of something major.

Randi touches on topics such as why women leaders are addicted to perfectionism, why women are burnt out, why women leaders are not happy, what exactly is broken with the old system, the difficult process of quieting our inner critic and untethering ourselves from external validation.

Randi Braun is a sought-after thought leader, speaker, and author of the women’s leadership book Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work (New Degree Press, 2023). Her book brims with facts and figures as well as anecdotal stories. One play at a time, she’s changing women’s lives. And she does it in three-inch pink pumps.

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