The Key to Owning Your Message, Something Major

Communication is essential in our lives, especially in leadership and the workplace. It enables us to convey our messages, educate and give information, and address further issues. A successful communication cycle must occur, and we can ensure that by fully owning up to our message and not holding back. This article will discuss the key to own your message, as mentioned in Randi Braun’s book, Something Major.

Owning up to your message may sound easy, but it’s more complicated than most thought. Many women struggle to own up to their message; most of the time, women of color feel more pressured into perfecting their statements. Most of us stay quiet in fear of being punished by others, but, we punish ourselves for not speaking up. Now’s the time to start claiming your voice again and lessen the number of times of fearing what other people may think.

Randi Braun’s Tools You Can Use 

Randi Braun

According to Randi Braun, there are tools that you can use when it comes to owning your message at work; first is by trusting your intuition. You shouldn’t ignore your intuition if you want to own your message. Intuition is the thing that keeps us up at night. It’s the one that is gnawing at you whenever you make a decision that leaves us feeling uncertain and unsatisfied. By listening to your intuition, you’ll realize how important it is to use your voice to pursue your passions. Aside from that, you should avoid the use of ‘hedging’ or ‘crutch’ language when sending messages. Randi Braun listed the words and phrases one must avoid using at work. It is also essential to channel your inner challenger and not overcomplicate things. Usually, most of our problems originate from not taking things simply and how they were.
Owning a message can be challenging, but it’s undoubtedly an empowering and career-changing experience once you manage to do it. Trust in yourself more and be aware that your voice matter. Your words matter and the world deserves to hear them.

The Book That Can Help You 

Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work

Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work is a self-help book by certified executive coach Randi Braun, releases this March 1 under New Degree Press. The book offers stories for women leader’s out there that are written to empower women while keeping them engaged and entertained. If you want to learn more about the more detailed guide to owning your message alongside other essential issues addressed in this book, grab your copy!
You can check out Something Major: The New Playbook for Women At Work on Amazon, releases this March 1 to rave reviews!

For more information about Randi Braun’s work, events, and background, you can visit her at Something Major Coaching website. Find her on Linkedin and Instagram.

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