Books That Make You Understand Racism


Books That Make You Understand Racism

We’re living in a time that, politically and ideologically, seems to be getting more and more polarized. In such a heated atmosphere, what can we do to heal relations and communications between black, white and brown people? Is it possible to open our hearts and minds, and ask ourselves what are we racing for?

JD Mass was a white kid sent to a mostly black school in St. Louis, MO. His parents were determined to raise him in a diverse community, where he could experience racism and cultural differences. They succeeded.

JD would go on to grow, learn, and thrive in schools that were 85 to 93% black. There, he learned the value of other ethnicities, and appreciation for black culture. In 2017, JD received his doctorate in Organizational Psychology, and became heavily involved in white antiracism groups in Los Angeles, and later in St. Louis.

Today, JD masterfully weaves his message in his breakout book Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within.

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